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Suggestion Mail System (refined)

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by SCILOCK, Oct 17, 2014.


    SCILOCK Member

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    Hi guys.
    I would love to see a system whereby one could send a group mail to all "SOC" members or all "Disciples" or "Friends" in one click, instead of adding manually all the names you want to send a global mail to.

    Took me like 20 minutes to add all recipients and started to type the message, just to be booted out of the game, Had to start all over again and booted second time. so far taking me close to 60 minutes to send a group message.

    Please tell me we all want that feature LOL
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  2. Craggan

    Craggan Member

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    This would be great and very helpful for things like WoF coming up to disseminate info very quickly. As a colonel in my soc it would be great to be able to tell everyone at once time about a planned event or fun hunt for us.
  3. Dylan | Arkadia

    Dylan | Arkadia Administrator Staff Member PAF Administrator Planet Arkadia Official

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    I will see what I can do to make your operations here more enjoyable and easier.

    -Grabs hold of the phone and calls The Might Maintenance Nusul-

    "Hey Buddy, we have a request here"

    ..... nom nom nom nom nom nom

    "Huh, WTF? what... are you ... eating?"


    -activate web cam-


    -white noise-

    Guys, I will get back to you on this one, seems we have a little issue we might need to fix first before we can do something like this. I will get back to you on this one.
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  4. Siersty

    Siersty Member

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    Hi. Love the idea of group mails. Also for SOC to get the message to all member at once, you could just do "Log-in message" in SOC channel that higher ranking members can change when they feel the need to do so. (Would take very little coding to make it happen - when printing Joined Social in chat(on log-in) add "print(socLogInMsg);" and add a string field named socLogInMsg that can be edited by high ranking members at SOC terminals, and done - and could be useful for SOCs that make events on daily/weekly basis as well as for fun messages.)

    Wanted to add an extra suggestion for mail, if this is the wrong place to do so hope someone can delete this post. :) Dunno if it was ever mentioned before, quite new to the forum.

    The suggestion is about planet wide item sending in mail and CoD (cash on delivery) system. For example, you could add a button : "Attach an item" to mail, it opens an attachment box where you can drag-and-drop an item you wish to send to someone. An item should only be retrievable from mail on same planet the sender made a mail from, so you could add line under item saying : "Retrievable on *planet name*.". You could also charge 5-10 pec for this service so people wouldn't abuse it as extra storage, and make a time frame for item pickup 3-7 days, or it's returned to sender's inbox. The 5-10 pec charge should appear after the item has been picked up, or on sending, or could even make a checkbox (sender pays fee, recipient pays fee).

    With item sending in mail available you could also implement the CoD system. Some hunters, miners, crafters, already have loyal customers for certain items, yet for a trade they both have to be online and on same planet at the same, which can get tricky sometimes. To avoid that, you could send an item through mail, and have a checkbox : CoD. When you select the checkbox a field should open up where you can enter the desired amount of peds,pecs, the recipient should pay before they are able to retrieve the item. A second field should also be present to show MU on the item in mail slot - which could be automatically calculated same way the auction works. The same rules should apply for item sending (same planet, fee for item sending, 3-7 days to retrieve item - with the exception that if item is returned to sender payment for the item should be void).
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