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Magurg-Female Parts

Discussion in 'Creatures' started by Jandre Kroeze, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Jandre Kroeze

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    This is a callout to the community. If you do Aakas Key Instances on Planet Arkadia, this might be of intrest to you.

    Im looking for Magurg Female Body Parts. If you have looted any and stowed it or if you should per chance loot any Magurg Female Body parts, including skin, I am interested. Please DO NOT TT it away.

    The Aakas Instances seem to be somehow closelly Connected to Aakas Island. Estetically and Lore. It just seems right to ad one DNA Female at Maximum Maturity and Minimum spawn numbers. The boys need a queen. Morover it fits the scenary and ive heard so much positive feedback of people likeing the Mob yet disliking the fact that they cant grind them on Arkadia as well.


    If you have any, get in touch with me ingame please. I own Aakas Island & Country Club. And I wish to ad some Magurg females to the mix.

    Roger Spacejanitor Wilco ♥
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