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Magistrate Ltd. - Sweating Only Society

Discussion in 'SocTalk' started by mjrekich, Apr 9, 2013.

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    Magistrate Ltd. - The Society of Sweaters

    NOTICE: This is from my site http://magistrateltd.webs.com

    Welcome to Magistrate Ltd. We are a off-base society from the actual game at the current moment, gathering data and sweat to start this society off on the right foot. There are several steps we need to take care of before we begin as a society, so for right now, I am creating a society on this website. If you would like to join, please Register on this site and we will accept you! Our goal is to make sure that the inexperienced obtain experience and PED also.

    We are establishing group requirement rates to our Treasury that consist of sweat and sweat alone. Since Planet Calypso only Buys/Sells sweat around 1.6-2PED/1000 bottles, there are other planets that offer 3 PED/1000 bottles. This is where most of the profit comes in. You can look at these rates on the Requirement Rates page.

    We are also looking to join any other societies that are looking to branch together to make a system of trading and skill upgrading. Our good friends South Swamp Trading Co. are already looking to support this venture if it becomes a well working society. If you would like to register yours or someone else's society, please visit our Contact page.

    This is basically what the Society will consist of:

    • Dividends
    • Payment Deposits due each week
    • Support and Assistance
    • Loans and Banks
    • Trusted Staff
    • Loyalty, above all

    Thank you so much for coming to our site and showing interest in our planning. We hope to see you out in the field!

    If you have any questions or to be recruited, email me at mjrekich@gmail.com or in-game at Percius Turbofrost McGinnis