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Looking for Mentor and Society

Discussion in 'New Player Discussions' started by KinguXnoX, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. KinguXnoX

    KinguXnoX Member

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    Hi to anyone reading this post. We are 2 players in our fourthies based in Norway and the UK and have found a cozy home here on Arkadia. We have played a couple weeks now and done the tutorial on ark ( i think) and moved on to exploring and IFN terminal quest for our level range.. not many though...Both will be long term players and play weekdays afternoon and weekends mainly.. Both are depositers, but sadly came to the conclution that we may overspend and missuse our beloved PEDs..So with this small note i hope someone may be willing to take upon 2 students as mentor and maybe bring in to a good society as longterm members.
    If this sounds interesting you may contakt one of us on Arkadia...
    Ingame names are
    Kingu KinguXnoX Kingu or
    Kat Shortocurly Johnson
  2. DaJuggernaut

    DaJuggernaut Member

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    Hey King and Kat,
    I offer my services as a mentor. I have a post elsewhere on the forum under Mentors that gives a bit more of my background. I don't spend all my time on Ark (on Toulan atm) but I have a good feel for the game at this point and while I won't claim to be able to answer every question you have, I am sure that I know someone that will have an answer. Feel free to look me up in game, a simple search for DaJuggernaut and I think you will find me.
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