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Looking for Information about MAKO Lightning & Herman RAW-505 Smuggler

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by mitnick, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. mitnick

    mitnick New Member

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    Hey there guys,
    i would like to know if these guns have been discovered yet and when by whom , which mob or event and when?

    And of course who owns them now :D ?

    So these are the guns of interest.
    Herman RAW-505 Smuggler
    MAKO Lightning Smuggler
    MAKO Lightning 3 (L)
    MAKO Wildfire 3 (L)

    Cheers don
  2. Spongehunter

    Spongehunter Member

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    Not sure who currently owns the 505 or the Lightning Smuggler - Lunchbox used to own or discovered the Lightning Smuggler if I am not correct, but they definately do exsist.

    The Lightning(L) and the Wildfire(L) drops off oratan - as I got a 600 ped hof a year or so ago and Looted both (L) swords as part of the HOF. Since then things may have changed and it may no longer drop or may be on a different mob.

    For the 2 UNL items you may want to do a search of the caly forms and see if you can back track the threads, espcially the buying and selling to see if you can locate the current owners.

    Hope this helps...