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Khorum Coast - Where you can Loot the Most!

Discussion in 'Khorum Coast' started by David Joker Potanus, May 23, 2022.

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    - The third weekly revenue and shares show for Khorum Coast is out for May! The current estimated value of the KC shares to payout in May is 28 peds each and growing!

    Greetings Arkadians! I recently purchased the Khorum Coast on Arkadia and I would like to announce the monthly event and the unique way that this land pays back the players who visit!

    Monthly Shares Event:

    The Khorum Coast does things a little different than most other lands, this will be a land that gives back to the community based on how well the land does! Khorum Coast is intended to work like a short term CLD or AUD with shares of profit payout except that you don't have to purchase them, sell or deal with fluctuation of market prices! All you do is spend time at Khorum Coast and enjoy a return of profits based on the land revenue!

    I will be purchasing the LA tracker package on Entropialife to help keep track of globals on the land so make sure you are running the tracker if you are competing! There is no need to register, I will record your globals automatically. If you notice a global didn't show up on Entropialife please let me know, you will still get credit if you have a screenshot.

    Every month I will keep a very transparent record of all things Khorum Coast, cost of running and revenue. This detailed report will be available at any time along with weekly video updates on the revenue and shares earned on the land!

    The profit from the land after fertilizer and event cost will be split 50% with participants and the other half to myself to help pay off the land and also because I will be actively hunting/mining it increasing the profit for everyone else too.

    How you earn shares of revenue from Khorum Coast is simple. Every 500 ped of globals you earn at the Coast from either hunting or mining gets you 1 share of Khorum Coast revenue from the next month event. Every share of Khorum Coast gets you a % of the profit pool based on the number of shares that month (33 shares, 3% each etc.) There is a maximum value of 5% per share of the participant profit pool. If less than 20 shares are earned the remaining split after 5% max per share goes back to to land.

    Example: If you spend time in April at the Coast and earn 2000 ped total global value combined hunting and mining then you will get 4 shares of the revenue participant profit pool in May. If only 20 shares are earned total that month than each of your shares earns the maximum 5% each from the participant profit pool. If only 10 shares are awarded the month than each of your shares earns 5% still but the remaining profit split goes back into the land.

    The other way to earn shares of the Coast is to actively stream your game sessions on the Coast, make videos on YouTube or other odd ways you can think of to interact with Khorum Coast. So far I was thinking a max of 5 total shares to be distributed amongst the players who stream or record themselves the most engaging with the land every month. If you are a player who likes to record their sessions and maybe you aren't getting that many shares by hunting/mining the land then you can still earn some this way!

    Ongoing Mining and Hunting Event:

    Mining on the Khorum Coast is an excellent place for markup. There are resources worth digging up no matter your mining choices. Enjoy finding claims of Wenrex(130%), Cave Sap(200%) and Bismuth (350%)!

    Prizes for mining can be claimed multiple times:

    - 5 peds for every treasure map or miner strongbox

    - 10 peds for any vase, painting or generic treasure

    - 25 peds for any limited armor or limited weapon

    - 50 peds for any unlimited armor, unlimited weapon, item discovery or rare item HoF.

    Prizes for hunting are claimed and rewarded one time each month regardless of how many drop:

    - 10 peds for any actual item (armor, guns, non crafting stuff) looted at Khorum Coast that hasn't been claimed yet in this thread. Example: I looted a bullseye IV scope from Nusul the other day, I could screenshot and submit for the reward on that one item unless someone else has done it.

    - 100 peds for any discovery or rare item HoF while hunting at the Khorum Coast.

    Please post screenshots here on the forum or at Khorum Coast Discord channel (discord.gg/vV4FgS9pb9 ) for prize rewards and make sure the picture has a loot window/system message and a radar/map icon so that I know you located it on Khorum Coast!

    Thank you for reading about the land and I look forward to seeing you at the Khorum Coast - where you can earn the most!!
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