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Items For Sale (Arkadia)

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Fedi, Apr 1, 2018.

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    I have a small amount of items for sale on Arkadia that is slowly growing and they need to find homes. I will update this post as often as I can but please help a newbie out lol. Right now I'm specializing in low level and low TT weapons. If you need anything specific please post the item below along with your desired Mark Up. You can also message me in game: Feducci Fedi Bronson.

    ITEMS FOR SALE: (name then TT value)

    Bull Tac 10 (L) - 1.15
    Bullseye II (L) - 6.83
    EWE EP-2 Proton (L) - 0.17
    Finder 101 - 5.36
    Fanoos Medical V1 (L) - 0.05
    Mann MPH - 3.33
    Ozpyn LPX - P2 (L) - 4.31
    Piron PBR-2 (L) - 8.70
    Piron PLP-0 (L) - 1.31
    Piron PBP-0 (L) - 0.48
    Scott & Barlow LP-3 (L) - 5.94
    Sollomate Rubio - x4 - 0.07, 0.09, 0.09 0.08