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How to operate the equipment from the Beautician’s Perspective:

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by anthonymorris, Feb 2, 2016.

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    So you decided to become an Entropia Universe Beautician, Here is what you will need to know about the new Beauty System in the EU and how it works. I am writing this as though it will be your first time picking up the tools and using them. So please bear with me as I try to explain this as simple as possible.

    Step 1- Equipping the Tools

    I would suggest that every time you do a procedure whether it is hair, face or body that you get all your tools and mats this way you are prepared if they choose to do more procedures. I leave all my gear in my shop until I need it and when I come to do a procedure that is when I pick everything up.You never know if they want more done, people are spur of the moment.

    Ok once you have the tool on your person open your inventory, then click on the tools tab there you will find all your beauty tools. At this time equip the tool you intend to use in order for you to activate the tool someone has to be in the chair for which tool you have (hair stylist tool, they have to be in the hair chair).

    It is really that simple, here are screen shots of the different tool interfaces

    fig 1 2 plain hair jpeg.jpg
    1. Hair Designer tool has 2 different items to work on

    fig 2 3 plain body jpeg.jpg
    Fig 2. Body Designer tool has 8 different Body procedures that can be done

    fig 3 1 Plain face jpeg.jpg
    Fig 3 = Face Designer tool has 12 different face procedures that can be done
    *Note that each tools procedure has a sub procedure that can be done as seen in fig 4

    fig 4 body 5 jpeg.jpg

    In fig 4 above notice on the Body Designer tool under the head tab it shows 3 different procedures that can be done head size, neck length, and lower neck size. The head size and neck length says “Not enough skill” if you have not unlocked the skills to perform a procedure it will look like that. The lower neck size procedure is unlocked so you would be able to perform that procedure. This example works on the face and body tools but the hair tool is slightly different as show below in fig 5

    fig 5 hair 1 - Copy jpeg.jpg

    In the hair tool it will show in red the styles or procedures that are locked, so for this example 30 styles are open and 4 are still locked, eyebrow type 14 are open and 1 is locked, eyelash length is unlocked, and beard designs 11 are open and 4 are still locked. This will conclude the Equipping the Tool, I have explained how to equip the tool and showed what the tools look like during a procedures.

    Step 2 Operating the Tool

    fig 6 body 3 jpeg.jpg
    fig 7 body 5 jpeg.jpg

    This is operating the tool in fig 6 above I have key points numbered and will explain each one.

    #1 Is where the name of the tool you are using will appear.

    #2 Is the different procedures that are able to be done in that particular tool.

    #3 Is your success rate which is related to #6

    #4 Is what you push to send the controls to your client. They will then have to propose it back to you so you can add the mats

    #5 This is one of the most important parts, this is where you add your fee or the price you are charging for the procedure.

    #6 Finally this is where you will add the materials needed to perform the procedure successfully.

    When your client sets in the chair and you have your tool equipped you hover over the client and click the use tool tab if you have done it successfully then this is what you will see. It is at this time that I would place 1 material in #6 and 2 ped fee in #5 because you can not propose the controls to them without adding materials in #6 and a fee in #5. Then I would ask the client what specifically they are looking to change “well I’m too fat I want to lose weight”, then I would ask how heavy and adjust the weight tab under the fitness tab. At this time you will see the change but the client will not until you hit the propose button #4 to make sure the client like the size or not.

    When you propose it to the client they will then be able to see the changes you made, I tell them if it looks like they want then to hit the propose button so I can add the proper amount of materials. If they want to be thinner then they can hit the fitness tab and change the weight section. Once the changes have been made I have them propose it back to me so I can add the proper amount of materials needed to successfully do the procedure. Once I have control back I check to make sure all is well and add materials to make the procedure a success.

    The highest success rate is 99% mind Ark will never given a 100% success rate because sometimes even with 99% it will fail. The more materials you use the better the chance of getting 99%, but once you reach the 99% you are maxed so there is no need to add any more materials because extra materials “DOES NOT” help you get a better successes rate it just makes you waste materials hence ped. So remember 99% and your good, with this new system I have found that you have a much better success if you do one procedure at a time. If they want to be like a hairy bear that weighs 600lb I would do the weight then in a second procedure I would do the hair.

    In section 2 you see the procedure tabs, when you click on one of them you will see a sub screen come up like fig 7 letting you know what procedures you can do and what procedures you cannot do. Remember the more skills you have the more procedures you can open.

    Step 3 completing the transaction

    Once the client has agreed on the procedure then they will propose it back to you so you can add the proper amount of materials. When the success rate tab hits 99% then you know you are ready to set the price and then propose it back to them to hit the accept button. Note if you have to add a lot of materials to get to the 99% success rate, one of the reason might be the client has altered another tab without you knowing it. This could cause a procedure to fail, so I make it a point to check to make sure nothing else was moved that the client did not say he wanted done.

    I try to be as fair as I can to clients but there are some that will try to get more done for one price and you will find those out and see what necessary measures you should take to keep your losses down. Generally people are honest but you have those few that will try and test you, remember they might have forgotten to mention they wanted a smaller head or less hair on their chest.

    Step 4 Tools and Materials

    In fig 8 you will see the tools and the materials needed to perform the procedures you are offering

    fig 8 tools jpeg.jpg


    1 Hair Tool this is the tool you would use for the Hair stylist chair in junction with materials 5,6,7

    2 Face Tool this would be the tool you use on the Face sculpting chair in junction with materials 8,9,10

    3 Body Tool this would be used with the Body sculpting chair in junction with materials 4,8,10


    4 basic skin color set used with Body sculpting tool (3)

    5 basic hair dye used with Hair styling tool (1)

    6 hair gel used with Hair styling tool (1)

    7 hair spray used with Hair styling tool (1)

    8 Body fat used with Body sculpting tool (3) and Face sculpting tool (2)

    9 basic eye color set used with Face sculpting tool (2)

    10 Metallic bone replacement used with Body sculpting tool (3) and Face sculpting tool (2)

    Below in fig 9 you will see the equipment used 1 Face sculpting chair 2 Hair stylist chair 3 Body sculpting chair

    fig 9 tools jpeg.jpg

    Step 5 Prices

    This age old question “what should I charge for my services” and while many factors will play a role in pricing your services remember to never undercut yourself as when you get up in skills you will have spent a great deal of ped/time either in buying skill implants or by skilling daily. So how valuable is your time. I have my prices set as though it was a real life Beauty shop my starting price is just 10ped all the way up to 20ped and that is for the basic cut. When I first started out I would offer haircuts for free and say that tips are appreciated. And hopefully 1 or 2 people would tip me to help absorb my cost if not, no worries I was doing it for skills anyway. I never expected to get paid when I advertised my service for free, but it was exciting when someone did tip even now I love tips.

    Keeping your prices affordable is a key ingredient to staying in business and having return customers. If you are too overpriced you will drive away customers and if you’re too cheap you will go out of business so having that happy medium is key. Just be patient and it will come, being a beautician in Entropia should be thought of as a long term investment not a short term gig. Ask around to other beauticians and see what the going prices are because like everything in the universe it is ever changing.
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    Excellent guide. You might add a list of the necessary materials and tools for each procedure.
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    Really nice guide; thanks for posting! :)

    And yeah, indeed, a list of mat cots for all procedures would be great; is not like they're not available on other sources, but would be nice to have a single reference point. :)
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    great idea and yes i will do that