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Hiring Hunters + Medics

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Smoerble, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Smoerble

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    Purpose of this topic:
    From time to time, not always, I need one or more hunters as support. I will refer to this topic then. You can add me to your FL any time, but there is no guarantee I will hire you.

    Hiring Medics
    • High level medics (mod/adj prefered ofc) on Planet Arkadia needec (there are enough on Caly [​IMG]).
    • Smoerble pays your decay or per hour, whatever you, the medic, prefers.
    • You need to have a good tool that has low costs when you heal nearly non-stop, several hunters at once.
    • Medics pay any travel costs on their own (space travel, from TP to hunting ground (MF or oil) etc.

    Medics/healers are NOT required to use Teamspeak, they can, but they don't have to!

    Hiring Hunters
    Basically it works similar to the MarryMayhem events:
    • Smoerble pays your decay on weapons, your ammo, your decay on amps
    • Smoerble receives all loot.
    • Smoerble receives all kill points (this is crucial!)
    • Hunters pay any travel costs on their own (space travel, from TP to hunting ground (MF or oil) etc.

    As Smoerble covers all major costs, a hunter gets skills for free.
    For hunters, Teamspeak is a MUST-HAVE: If you don't know what it is or how to use it, please find this out BEFORE contacting me. If you don't own a headset/microphone or you don't want to install Teamspeak: please do not contact me, I will not hire you.

    How does a run look like?
    1. Hunters clear their inventory: no stackable, no ammo. This is needed, in case something does not work as planned, to make it easier to track down.
    2. We meet in Teamspeak: teamspeak3.de.i3d.net:10006
    3. We form a team, "looter takes all".
    4. New hunters display their skills to Smoerble.
    5. Hunter shows weapons and amps he will use during the hunt.
    6. Smoerble gives ammo to each hunter.
    7. Only Smoerble is allowed to loot with very few exceptions (announced in Teamspeak).
    8. It is important, that Smoerble makes the most damage of the team on every single mob. Examples: Smoerble + one hunter: Smoerble has to make minimum 51% damage (typically we make 60/40). Example 2: Smoerble + 2 hunters: Smoerble 40%, hunter 1: 30%, hunter 2: 30%. This needs good discipline from the hunters, so this is not as easy as it might sound.
    9. Smoerble loots.
    10. Repeat [​IMG].
    11. After the hunt stops, each hunter shows the weapons and amps again (to display decay).
    12. Hunters tell Smoerble their armor decay costs.
    13. Smoerble pays decay of weapon (inlc. MU), decay of amp, decay of armor. Hunter gives back any ammo that is left.

    Why are travel costs not covered?
    If the few PEDs are so important for a hunter, it's likely he's not experienced enough in team hunts, plus the time to check and verify the few PEDs is simply not worth any time.

    When a hunter gets no loot and no payment, why should he do this?
    When you ask this, we should not make any business. You obviously don't understand the value of the skills you gain during several hours of hunting. When you ask this, I ask you _not_ to contact me, thank you.
    (This might sound arrogant, but in ffact, I don't want to explain the conecpt of free skilling over and over again. Everyone (!) who asked this question, never joined a hunting run, so I learned from that: if someone asks this, he will not be happy anyway, so we both can save our time.)

    Why is this interesting for a hunter? Because you get skills for free. It is planned to become a regular event, so you get a lot of hours free skilling, which is worth some significant PEDs.`

    If you think, this is interesting for you, please contact me ONLY in game, thank you!
  2. hHitman

    hHitman Member

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    Im interested of being a healer for you at arkadia.iv done some healing jobs there for decay plus tip.What lvl healer r u looking for in ur hunts and what type of equipments do u prefer?
  3. Grizgal

    Grizgal Active Member

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    I assume you are a ranged hunter so will not be interested in hiring Melee hunters?
  4. Jod

    Jod Well-Known Member

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    Sounds interesting...

    I haven't done a scan in a while but my details from last one are on Entropedia.
    This is my 'last scan' but its gone up about 5-6k since then so I'll do another scan for you tomorrow and let you know when its up to date.

    I'll contact you in game and send you some details about my set up at the same time.
    Your conditions are straight forward and not a problem so hopefully we can chat further about it.

    I've sent you a friend request and will send the rest of the info once you accept.
    Would be handy for me to know what times you normally play also.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2015