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Discussion in 'Creatures' started by May, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. May

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The Halix is believed to be some kind of large scavenging rodent, and can have quite a nasty sting in its bite for anything that gets close enough to aggravate it.

    Creature Type:

    Damage Type:
    Stab33 %
    Cut33 %
    Acid33 %
    Statistical data:
    -YoungMatureOldProviderGuardianDominantAlphaOld AlphaProwlerStalker
    Health LevelPunyFrailPunyPunyFrailWeak WeakFrailMediumMedium
    Damage PotentialMinimalMinimalMinimalSmallSmallSmallLimitedLimitedMediumMedium
    Agility 6 7 8 9101112131415
    Psyche 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
    Stamina 3 4 5 6 8 911131518
    Strength 8 910 11121314151617
    IFN Challenge:
    Stage 175 kills0.03 ped Longblades
    Stage 2400 kills0.18 ped Aim
    Stage 31200 kills0.53 ped Combat Reflexes
    Stage 44800 killsHalix Trophy Head+ 2.10 ped BLP Weaponry Tech.or Handgun
    Stage 512.000 kills5.25 ped Combat Reflexesor Heavy Melee Weaponor Rifle
    Stage 660.000 killpointsHalix Figurine+ 7.13 ped Weapons HandlingRepeatable
    Mob maturityLevelHealth PointsKillpoints
    Young lvl 4 30 hp10 points
    Mature lvl 5 40 hp 13 points
    Old lvl 5 50 hp13 points
    Provider lvl 5 60 hp14 points
    Guardian lvl 10 80 hp 17 points
    Dominant lvl 11 90 hp20 points
    Alpha lvl 11 110 hp23 points
    Old Alpha lvl 12 130 hp 24 points
    Prowler lvl 13 150 hp27 points
    Stalker lvl 13 180 hp 31 points
    Mob maturityLocationWaypointDetail
    Halix Young to OldSouth of Courageous Firebase Academy(15750, 25350)-
    Halix Young to OldSouth of Dauntless Firebase Academy(21400, 16700)-
    Halix Young to OldEast of Fearless Firebase(25900, 15400)Into (26400, 15300) mixed with small Feran
    Halix Young to OldNorth of Formidable Firebase(21800, 25500)The further away, the higher maturity + few pets
    Halix Young to OldNorth of Relentless Firebase Academy (23900, 10000)Mixed with Nusul pets
    Halix Young to OldNorth of Repulse Firebase Academy(14600, 15900)-
    Halix Young to ProviderDependable Firebase/FBA(27200, 25000)-
    Halix Young to ProviderNorth of Steadfast Firebase(18900, 14700)Thin spawn
    Halix Young to GuardianSouth of Redoubtable Firebase(23300, 21100)-
    Halix Old +South of Daipan Digsite(31200, 25600)-
    Minimum Global level: 10 ped

    - Bullseye I (L)
    - Corvus Shin Guards
    - Corvus Thigh Guards
    - Piron PBP-2 (L)
    - Piron PBR-2 (L)
    - Piron PLP-2 (L)
    - S & B Ardenner 2 (L)

    - Advanced Mineral Extractor
    - Animal Eye Oil
    - Animal Hide
    - Animal Muscle Oil
    - Animal Oil Residue
    - Basic Gem Extractor
    - Basic Metal Extractor
    - Basic Plastic Extractor
    - Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 2
    - Blazar Fragment
    - BLP Pack
    - Diluted Sweat
    - Electronic Stabilizing Component
    - Fine Hide
    - Fine Wool
    - Focus Lens Component
    - Nova Fragment
    - Halix Hide
    - Halix Leg Fur
    - Halix Mane
    - Halix Tail
    - Miluca Timber
    - Nova Fragments
    - Paint Can (Dark Steel Blue)
    - Paint Can (Green)
    - Paint Can (Navy)
    - Paint Can (Olive)
    - Paint Can (Purple)
    - Paint Can (Turquoise)
    - Paint Can (Violet Cream)
    - Shrapnel
    - Socket I Component
    - Socket II Component
    - Soft Hide
    - Strong Cloth Extractor
    - Surface Hardener Component
    - Thin Wool
    - Tier I Component
    - Weak Cloth Extractor
    - Weapon Cells
    - Wool

    (Only Loot listed that has dropped from VU 15.0 on.)

    Entropedia.info link.
    EP Wiki link.
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  2. May

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    Additional tips & info on Halix.

    - Link to the original Halix thread.

    - Max damage on avatar without armor (excl. crits): Young 12 hp to Stalker 50 hp.

    Video from EntropiaPlanets.

    For all the data: if there is something that should/could be changed, or added, please post or PM. [​IMG]
    (Info send through PMs will be added anonymously by default, unless the sender mentions otherwise.)
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  3. Zont

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    What skills should i have before i go try to swant these? I read that their tails might be worth a lot :) I am saveing up for My first weapon ! :) pointers about the right weapon agenst this mob Would be Great :)

  4. littleswampymonster

    littleswampymonster Active Member

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    i hunt this mob a ton, i am at lvl 16 evader, and 130 hp - but i still cannot swunt these. they will kill me before I get em dry.

    i use a tt laser pistol + the z2shinkadus amp from the gold pack.

    2.99 dpp
    5 dps

    great combo and gets me tons of kills
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  5. Dio Miner

    Dio Miner New Member

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    today drop this gun from Halix Young - [S & B Ardenner 2 (L)]
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  6. May

    May Active Member

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    Nice drop!
    Thanks for sharing: it's been added to the Loot list. [​IMG]
  7. BubblesTheTormentor

    BubblesTheTormentor Member

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    Just looted a bullseye I (L) from a halix young. I'd include a picture, but it wasn't part of a global (just near one) and I didn't think to screen cap it until after I realized it might not be listed here, and by then it was already (obviously) too late.
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  8. San

    San Well-Known Member

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    Is the killpoint information on the Entropedia page correct? Not quite there yet but it occurred to me to look at how many hp it takes to complete a stage 6 and found, that if you only shot youngs it is 60k/10*30 = 180k, whereas with stalkers it is 60k/31*180 > 348k, almost twice as costly for the same reward. Shouldn't a killpoint mission reflect the work done more accurately, or are there other balancing factors I am overlooking?
  9. ArchAngel

    ArchAngel Active Member

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    I am on Stage 6 and the Killpoint data is accurate. I believe the hp difference is there to give the hunter more options. i.e. I can get through the mission much quicker by killing max maturities with a higher DPS weapon, than by grinding a higher quantity of low maturities.
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  10. May

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    Thanks for the drop Bubbles: it's been added to the Loot list. [​IMG]
    There is no need to post a screenshot of the drop as 'proof'.
    I'm going from the point that people who post, want to help, and won't give wrong loot info on purpose. [​IMG]
    (Though, if it sounds kinda weird, it will be on hold until there is confirmation.)
    Unless you just want to show a nice (almost) swirly ofc: nice pics are always welcome. :laugh:

    Interesting question San, and thanks Archangel for the explanation.

    Also added the killpoints for Stage 6, in the Maturities list.
    And a list of the FB/FBA spawn locations.
    I think there is another big Halix spawn, but I haven't found it yet?
  11. Starkiller

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    Gonna place a quick advert here:

    I am searching for halix skulls, should anyone ever loot one, I will be willing to negotiate :)