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Good Bye Old PC - Welcome Arkadia

Discussion in 'Greetings' started by Pretto Loco, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. Pretto Loco

    Pretto Loco New User

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    Hi all!

    Being sloppy at home can have its advantages, not?

    Usually I dust off the inside of my pcs. But this time I forgot to remove the cpu fan.
    Why I didnt react for months when the pc sounded like a jet plane I don't know.
    I thought it was a super effective fan.
    But no no, it was working in turbo fan speed because it was about to overheat and choke.

    And it was just upgraded to handle EU on medium settings.
    But one morning it kept on sleeping. Very hard indeed.


    Under the fan was a dust cluster which almost made me afraid.
    Unsaveable because of mobo destruction.

    Anyway. I couldnt overcome my frustration. So I started looking for TT+MU on rigs that could handle Cryengine on high.
    Found one and returned to EU.

    Jaw dropped.
    EU had turned into an Prettyosaurus Rex.

    At heart I am both a grinder and a dreamer.
    So I mine and mine and mine.
    And when Im out of peds I dream.
    And a better setting for dreaming than Arkadia I cant imagine.

    I always have some obscure little plan.

    Here are some things I want to know (for my little plans). Maybe you can help?

    Finding the sunset

    One of the things I wanted to know was this.
    Then I found Supertramps excellent thread about it here
    And I think I managed to catch it before it was to late.


    The Ancient Archeology of Arkadia

    I have only found one historic structure and thats the ruins in the NE.
    Some bits and pieces here and there on other places.
    Are there any official storylines regarding the origin of these structures?

    Old looking avatars

    Basically our avas all look like froozen in time at the age of 25. Like clones.
    Are there any wrinkly guys or girls out there with a character?
    It doesnt matter how cool a coat or armor someone has, wrinkles and scars are teh ├╝ber.
    Who would question this guy isnt hunting uber mobs (if he was an ava)?


    So I want some wrinkles and scars. Who can fix it if any?

    The strongest now living creatures on Arkadia

    I'm not after them for hunting.
    I just like big mob safaris :).
    Anyone who can give me a hint on where I can find any epic mobs on Ark?

    That was it. I may return to this thread to post some more wierd questions.

    Back to mining and dreaming. Or Greaming even.
  2. Snape

    Snape Master of the BanHammer Staff Member PAF Administrator

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    Arkadia Storyline - However, this is the story of how we Earthlings/Terrans came to be on Arkadia...it doesn't shed much light on the story of the Ancient Arkadians....yet ;)

    As for epic Mobs...well, I would say the Yuka is the biggest of them. Where you'll find it though is beyond me at the moment. I'm sure one of our super efficient and helpful community people will provide you with an answer very soon. Otherwise, head over to Entropedia.info and have a look at one of the maps there.
  3. Pretto Loco

    Pretto Loco New User

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    Thanks Snape. I will read up on that Storyline and try and do some archeological surveying myself.
    I met the Yukas in NE part. SE of the ruins.
    They are trully epic.
  4. Jenny ferr

    Jenny ferr Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    W or SW of the ruins up in the NE is the big Yuka.

    Also big Kamaldon NE of Aakas, and ofc dont forget the big Korwil who rules the NW parts up in the snow