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Gold Rush Mission Clarification

Discussion in 'Bugs, In-Game Issues and other Feedback' started by DaJuggernaut, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. DaJuggernaut

    DaJuggernaut Member

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    Ahead of the 2nd phase of the Gold Rush series of events, I think it would be helpful to provide some specific guidance regarding the gold rush and gold rush 2016 missions. Initially before starting the Gold Rush 2016 mission, we were required to abandon any existing gold rush missions. However, after starting the Gold Rush 2016 mission, the "Gold Rush" missions were once again available at the IFN terminal. Upon accepting the "Gold Rush" mission on top of having the "Gold Rush 2016" mission active, points were earned on both missions upon receiving a point token in the instance (with the exception: when a point token >100 points was awarded, it only counted toward one of the missions).

    My request is this: please provide specific guidance such as:

    - abandon all "Gold Rush" missions except "Gold Rush 2016" and do not accept them again
    - accepting "Gold Rush" missions will / will not impact token counts in future "Gold Rush 2016" point totals


    This would be very helpful ahead of subsequent phases of Gold Rush 2016. I think that the player base would be much appreciative of having / understanding what to do before the excitement of starting the next event is upon us.

  2. Michael

    Michael Member

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    This player would appreciate it very much ! I lost out on kill's between Gold week and G1/7 (my fault) but no clear instructions. I have not been able to play game since last vu (happens every vu and takes a couple week's till game works again for me)