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Gold Rush 2023 - Hunting Winners Category 3

Discussion in 'Planet Arkadia News' started by Zephyrus, Jan 9, 2024.

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    Big thanks to everyone for joining the event! We want to thank those who shared suggestions directly. We value your feedback, and we're committed to using it to enhance future events.

    Congratulations, and can't wait to see you at the next event!

    1st: Takaya StarFox McCloud: 69,468 points
    • MAKO Wildfire, Gold Rush Edition

    2nd: Tina Abuyin Walther: 66,163 points
    • Improved GYRO, Gold Rush Edition

    3rd: Alexandru Vrajeala Toni: 64,188 points
    • Pegasus Armor set

    4th: Dim Dimod Simon: 61,071 points
    • Pulsar Armour Plate - Gold Rush Edition (set of 7)

    5th: Hego Damask II: 60,663 points
    • Oratan Axe Pet

    * All prizes will be received shortly *

    As an additional reward for the runner-up positions, Planet Arkadia is pleased to announce a bonus prize for participants securing positions 6 to 20. Prizes will be spawned in the respective winners inventories shortly

    Runner-up names, that won the 250 PED bonus prize:

    Isa Naika Prey
    Paulius Gality Stonys
    Ash Ashiya Northener
    Alexanndrea Ysabel Diavolo
    Mikael Slazor Kamin
    Gemini Nana Prudential
    Rocky Addz Harley
    Chiel Rampsy Tondeleir
    Suza Suze Rider
    Blaz Prosojnik Proso
    Senegalo Ruskov Molotov
    Buster Westy Westmoreland
    cudak Wi3rd cudaski
    Wasr10 WasrOG ak
    Tiffany Sky captain Smith
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