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Globals - Are they random - or does something trigger them?

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Louise Ranavolana Brooks, Oct 9, 2020.

  1. Louise Ranavolana Brooks

    Louise Ranavolana Brooks Active Member

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    I was hunting Oratan Miners in the Underground and there was another player hunting the same mob, similar maturities to those I was hunting.
    We were generally in the same area, Hidden Falls, but no way close to each other.
    I was using mindforce and other player maybe a laser weapon.
    I was lucky enough to snag one Global - other player got 5 over the same period.
    Was that player just luckier than I was or could there be o0ther factors influencing?
    I did notice that Global I got was worth 3 of his though so am not complaining in any way, just interested :)
  2. Ardorj

    Ardorj Active Member Pro Users

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    There are some possible explainations for this.

    1) The other hunts could have killed much faster. If he killed 4 or 5 Oratans for every one you killed, then it's also likely that he got 4-5 times more globals.
    2) Some weapons are better at globalling the others. Uneco weapons tend to have more loot swings, so while you had maybe 10-15 mini's, the other hunter had none.

    3) I also have the feeling that I snatch more globals when I hunt close to someone with lesser skills. I can't prove this with certainty, but I can try to explain my ideas behind it. Let's say that for every mob killed 50% goes into a personal lootpool and 50% into a mob/area lootpool. With higher levels in Looter, you have a higher change to get something out of the lootpool. Therefor a higher skilled hunter get's out more and more often.
    (I don't know if there is a personal lootpool. I don't know if there is a mob/area lootpool. I don't know if there is a planet or even universe wide lootpool.)

    4) Just thought about another possible explanation: We all do good and bad on different mobs. For some Oratans is the go-to-mob when they're down, yet for others Oratans will bring them down. I don't know why that is, but I notice it when I follow chats. So maybe Oratans are a bad mob for you, and a good mob for the other hunter.
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  3. WoenK

    WoenK New Member

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    Even though MA stated that there is no personal loot pool, I strongly believe that there is a balance system to give you payback for your losses (only TT values, MU never included). I call it my personal loot pool :D
    Best example could be me losing over 5k on EP on the 29th of August and getting a over 5k payback on the 19th September.
    But only "could" be, I have absolutely no knowing if and when a payback occurs.
    Before Loot2.0 it was easier, one could lose on crafting and get a payback on the next hunt.
    Or simply use a low DPS gun on a high regen mob, pump it full and get some globals.
    Now it seems to me that in order to get those paybacks I have to spend way more.
    Best example is my average gloabal rate. I get on average 5 globals on 150TT decay spend on a gun.
    Sounds good, but average only means that I can have a gun that gives me 20 globals and quite a few that give less.
    Another average of mine is number of kills. I get a global about every 100 kills, which also meeans that I can get 3 in a row and then for over 400 kills none.

    So basicially...if you are hunting pretty eco not producing too much decay, it may take longer to global.
    Using MF I had less globals but on average they where a bit higher, but I also had a far lower kill speed.
    High kill speed may give you more loot events and a higher chance of globals, but for me there is still some "personal loot pool" involved, which you have to trigger and that trigger moves up the higher your level is. So having a bad run for two hours may be rewarding on the next run....or at some point in the future :D

    The only really pattern I see is, that the more my losses pile up the higher the chances for paybacks get, but those paybacks do not always come with a global, could as well be that I get quite a few of minis.
  4. Ardorj

    Ardorj Active Member Pro Users

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    One more thought.
    People are bad at randomization. Meaning, we like to see a pattern in everything, even when it's not there but just a coincidence.
    For example: you and a friend play a game of rolling two dice. The one with the higher score gets 1 coin from the other. Both of you start with 100 coins. You can get 2 coins when you roll a 12.
    You can expect that after 10, 100 or even 1000 matches that both still has ~100 coins. But the human mind doesn't see it this way, most not when you have 40 coins and the other 160. When you haven't rolled a 12, but he rolled that 5 times.

    The same goes with rolling one dice six times in a row. Our minds find nothing strange or curious when you roll 5-1-4-6-5-2. But cry Impossible! and cheater! when someone rolls 1-2-3-4-5-6 or 6-6-6-6-6-6. Even though the odds are the same for all sequences.

    In Entropia it might get even worse for our brains. With the rolling of the dice you can at least see that you roll with the same two dice. You can feel them, and be convinced that his dice isn't made heavier on one side. In Entropia the outcome is all that you see, especially his outcome. You might have been rolling with a smaller D5 (a dice with only 5 sides) and he with a normal D6 and a D8 (a dice with 8 sides).

    That's just my thought for now.
    Take care and happy hoffing! :cowboy: