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Event clarification

Discussion in 'Mutation Station' started by Forgo, Apr 22, 2022.

  1. Forgo

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    Hey all

    So I have a lot of requests for events, and I made one in the event register like I have in the past many times.

    It seems I have infringed upon the BIG conglomerate and have been warned to stop doing free events, as they have claimed the Free HSL loot format in the event register as theirs, according to DLR Root.

    Some history, my original society, Terra Verde, is the one that organized the famous RIG noob trips in 2006, I was an event organizer for other land owners at the time before BIG came around. I won the 25k spring hunting competition in 2007 which was the precursor to BIG.

    Before the recent manager passed away for BIG, there was a good relationship, we had done cross advertising in the past and it was never a problem. I was even given API access to the Entropia Life Tracker by the original owner. (I had an app on google play store that tied into the data, they even recently tried to hire me to fix EL, all to the benefit of BIG) I've been around.

    Clearly I don't take kindly to people trying to tell me how I should operate my business, and feel the community should be aware of these tactics, that ultimately dissuade land owners from offering you PEDS.

    FYI, This is what prompted a call to stop:
    "FREE Mutation Station Event in Register for Sunday after the BIG Nusel Event, Sign up for both and make Sunday Arkadia day!"

    The whole point of this kind of event timing back to back is to give the player more chances to win PEDS within a short window while on a planet, back in the day its how I planned my weekends. The PEDS won focusing on events did help my cycle from time to time as a player and added up to many 10's of thousands of PEDS I didn't have to deposit as I came up in skill. When it works good, we can offer more rewards.

    Regardless, I will not cross advertise for BIG like I was doing, I as I thought it would be in the best interests of the planet and the player...not just for BIG, my promotion for them has ended, and I will choose another time/day to avoid any confusion of association as requested.

    I will however type whatever I damn well please in the title of the events to come, especially for a format that I used before BIG even came around to tell me what is theirs and what is not.

    Thanks and Good luck.
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  2. Starkiller

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    Oh and how was anything infringed? Are we not allowed to write whatever we want?

    This is interesting to say the least...