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Enki's Crafting Service

Discussion in 'Services' started by Apotheosis, Mar 25, 2015.

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  1. Apotheosis

    Apotheosis New Member

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    My service is simple and fair, simply provide me with your materials and let me know what you want crafted. My service to Entropia as all MMO's and RCE participants is purely professional, and your trust and hard earned PED is very important to me. I have arranged for you to visit the Apotheosis Gaming website livestream page to view in live time my results and actions. I encourage you to have friends join the stream. This way you can rest assured I am doing you a true service.


    Many of my friends both in Entropia, Facebook, and many other networks can attest I am trust worthy, and a reputable service.

    I charge a 5 PED service fee anywhere on Calypso and 7 PED for Arkadia and Rocktropia, If a Global occurs I will pay you 10% as well as refund your service fee. If a Hall of Fame Occurs I will pay you 15% as well as refund your service fee. If an All Time High Occurs I will pay you 35% and 200 PED credit towards whatever BP attempts you want.

    Contact me via forum, in game " Corey Enki Worthy " or Facebook


    Enki's Blueprints

    Prosecutor M5 (L) Blueprint - QR 1
    GeoTrek H15 Vile (L) Blueprint (L)
    GeoTrek H8 Mean (L) Blueprint (L)
    Starkhov LPR-17 (L) Blueprint
    Jashonich AP Blueprint - QR 46
    Jashonich FP Blueprint - QR 1
    Jester D-1 Blueprint - QR 100
    Jester D-4 (L) Blueprint (L)
    Karma Killer Blueprint - QR 5.4
    Mann MPH Blueprint - QR 6.3
    Mar-Lighter Davidov Blueprint - QR 14
    Loughlin Smacker One (L) Blueprint - QR 1

    D-Class Mining Amp Blueprint - QR 16
    Level 2 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint Adjusted (L)
    Level 2 Finder Amplifier Light (L) Blueprint - QR 21
    Level 5 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint - QR 37

    Nanobots - Accuracy Blueprint (L)
    Nanobots - Adrenaline Boost Blueprint (L)
    Nanobots - Metabolic Boost Blueprint (L)

    E-Amp 11 Blueprint - QR 1
    E-Amp 13 Blueprint - QR 92
    E-Amp 15 Blueprint - QR 1

    Explosive Projectiles Blueprint III - QR 100

    Dacascos Precision Scope Blueprint- QR 2
    Dynera Laser Sight Blueprint- QR 1
    Hanzor Precision Scope Blueprint- QR 1

    Curved Retail Counter (C) Blueprint- QR 1
    Pall Stool (C) Blueprint- QR 1
    Plasma Screen (PC) Blueprint (L)
    Shoji With Door Blueprint (L)

    Dino Shoes (C) Blueprint- QR 1

    Dominax Original Garter (L) Blueprint (L)
    LifeScanner-II Blueprint- QR 1
    Lockpick Kit I Blueprint- QR 1
    GYRO FAP-6 (L) Blueprint- QR 4
    Portable Repair Unit (L) Blueprint (L)
    Portable TT Unit (L) Blueprint (L)
    Rolled Smokes Remix Blueprint (L)
    Ziplex Z20 Seeker (L) Blueprint- QR 1

    Dragonfly v1 (L) Blueprint (L)
    Hoverboard Low Power Pod Blueprint (L)

    Simple I Conductors Blueprint- QR 100
    Simple II Conductors Blueprint- QR 100
    Simple III Conductors Blueprint- QR 100
    Simple I Plastic Springs Blueprint- QR 100
    Simple I Plastic Ruds Blueprint- QR 100
    Simple II Plastic Ruds Blueprint- QR 100

    GeoTrek Buttstock Blueprint- QR 1
    GeoTrek Super Alloy Buttstock Blueprint- QR 1
    Projector Housing Blueprint- QR 1
    Solar 12V Gel Batteries Blueprint- QR 1
    Solar 6V Gel Batteries Blueprint- QR 1
    Advanced VisioMem Blueprint- QR 1
    Standard VisioMem Blueprint- QR 1

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  2. littleswampymonster

    littleswampymonster Active Member

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    Nice service
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  3. Lovefall

    Lovefall Deactivated User

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    Nice post, nice service.
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