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Discussion in 'Entropia Release Notes' started by ArkadiaBot, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Murkalael

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    Loot pool is a myth :biggrin2:
  2. wournos

    wournos Active Member

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    Well, at least it has been confirmed that I am not crazy. Loot HAS been, and still is, complete shit. The one mob that I have a fairly constant track record of is Gallard. Between 2nd September 2015 and 28th January 2017 I've had 19/45 swunts with over 100% TT loot return, 11/45 swunts with between 80% and 100% TT loot return and 15/45 swunts with less than 80% TT loot return. This is without value of sweat.

    After 28th January until 11th June I've done 21 swunts. 16/21 had LESS than 80% TT return - majority under 60% return. 3/21 between 80% and 100% TT return and only 2/21 above 100% TT loot return. Again, sweat not included.
    On a positive note, the overall return from Gallard is still in the lower 90% TT wise, and in the upper 120% MU wise. :2pec:

    I thought it was just my major bad luck but after having read the entire PCF thread (yet skimming through some longer posts) it seems it's not just me.

    I welcome any positive change to loot, but I am still weary about the outcome. Been burnt by other game developers in the past. I worry that my current skills are too powerful for small mobs and that I will be penalized for still swunting Gallard even though I use what is currently considered an Eco fist - S.I Psy-Blade.
    I also worry that I will have to change choice of weapon and weapon profession just to keep to the cost efficient play style. I really do not want that.

    Removing ammo from loot doesn't have any effect on me whatsoever. As long as it is replaced with something of equal value - or more. ;)

    We'll see. I'm not going to hunt/swunt anything until they implement the change. Then it's a matter of starting Loot Tracking 3.0. :stats:

    Edit to fix possible misunderstanding about loot percentage.
  3. Hans

    Hans Member

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    How about replacing the ammunition with some paint on Ark instead?
    That will allow more of us to get Viceroy armour at less than the cost of a small sedan.