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David Dobson Q&A with community 07-09-11 "Everything you need to know"

Discussion in 'Atlas Haven Radio' started by zume, Jul 10, 2011.

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    Not sure if this is the right section, if not, feel free to move the thread.

    Last night during the Wilds show on AHR, David Dobson showed up.. The party grew as more ppl found out he was there. ppl were asking a lot of questions and he gave a lot of great answers.. I have sorted my chatlog from when he (and I) was there, and set up the Q&A from the Local Chat last night..

    Here it is for your full information:

    -Zume- hey Dave.. might i ask you a question?
    -Zume- as in the CEO Dave
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- sure Zume
    -Zume- May i point your attention to this thread:
    -Zume- http://www.arkadiaforum.com/showthr...e-oil-becomes-harder-to-loot-for-every-update
    -Zume- no need to go look right now.. just.. bare in mind its there..
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- yep saw it was there, the animal oils are done by MA, but I'll raise it with them
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- we have new mobs coming in next update, will see if we can get muscle oil added
    -Zume- yes please.. cause with only jori looting muscle, its really bad.. getting from Caly or other places are expensive and annoying for us hobby crafters
    -Zume- that craft what we loot..
    -Zume- may i cite you in the thread or will you make a reply there at some point?
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- got 3 mobs in development, 2 for new players and one harder
    -Zume- David TBH it looks like MA is doing it on purpose.. seeing as hard mobs on Caly loot muscle oil in majority, while here only mobs below lvl 7 loot the
    -Zume- shit
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- it's not done on purpose Zume, but I'll ask MA to look at it asap
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- yeah thats fine
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- I try and respond to most threads
    -Zume- yeah i know.. just wanted to make you aware now that you were here..

    -aj502 HellRoach Budweiser- Hey Dr. Dobson...Were the ore/enmat tweaked on last vu?
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- no not yet aj
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- looks like August will be a very big update for Arkadia
    -aj502 HellRoach Budweiser- KK, thought I heard it was but didnt want to quote it
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- only about 4-5 weeks away, we are working hard to bring lots of new changes

    -Zume- will Treasure Hunting come at that big update?
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- no Treasure hunting is some time off, we need to focus on the current economy first
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- I'm pushing MA to sort out textures - I have a chopper that needs an Oweko texture

    -Zume- and Dave.. Thumbs up for your great cooporation with the players..
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- Thx Zume, after playing for so many years it comes quite naturally

    -Jenny ferr- Dave a friend is asking about BPs, I read you need to redo the recipes of them, but will they use only arkadia materials once it's done for your
    -Jenny ferr- own ones
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- The blueprints once changed will use a mix of ingredients - but all will be available on Arkadia
    -Jenny ferr- great news, thanks for everything
    -Jenny ferr- so weird to get straight answers or any answers hehe

    -aj502 HellRoach Budweiser- Heya Dave...Not to bomb ya w/ questions..But why can't we put (L) BPs in Ark (L) book?
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- I have asked MA to make a new BP book for shared BP's
    -aj502 HellRoach Budweiser- Right on, just seemed weird to have have a caly book to put WW BP in
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- we have Arkadian BP's that drop, and shared BP's that drop
    -aj502 HellRoach Budweiser- reg caly BP drop from Ark only BP too fyi
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- so the shared ones drop on every planet
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- yep aj, can't change that - but I realise we need a book for them
    -Numbers- it was cool to have all those extra slots in the Arkadia bp books

    -Zume- But David i stand by my words of making a higher lvl mob drop muscle (like the oratans - still not too big) ..
    -Zume- well making = asking MA..
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- :)

    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- Arkadia will grow Steve, we will be developing the planet very quickly and the marketing is just getting going - some big marketing deals still to be
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- announced

    -Zume- another question David: when will we see more IFN Challenges?? i want one for Hadraada, now you made the sweat camp
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- hoping more IFN Challenges by August

    -Jenny ferr- any news on the work on vehicles Dave?
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- first vehicle is making progress, Cyrus will release a pic when it's getting closer

    -John Black Knight- a really nice planet you have build here, and the normandie will be looking to connect it to interplanetary trade and travel as good as we can
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- the Universe needs services like your John, great seeing the effort you are going to

    -Numbers- Any word on the progress of textures? application bug if I recall
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- yes Numbers, I posted on Jenny's thread, still waiting for MA to sort it out - hoping for August
    -Jenny ferr- they can do like he does now, answer our questions

    -Zume- hey David another Q: will there be rookie stuff at some point in the TT that matches the damn Caraboks?? all TT weapons are overkill on them.. LOL
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- looking at it Zume, will definitely add rookie mining

    -TheRock- David, when will treasure in mining comes?
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- Treasure hunting is still some time away - it will be a major update - lots of new items, new Blueprints and materials

    -Jenny ferr- oh I have another important question Dave: Brawler weapons?
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- it's on the list Jenny, but won't come too soon

    -Lana Manjana Lullaby- David: How many avarage players is ther on the Ark or is it like a MA secret ?
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- I don't have that info handy Lana, few thousand

    -Zume- David: will the ruins play a special role in the treasure hunting WHEN it comes? :)
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- Treasure Hunting is at the premium end of mining, you will have the chance to find new ancient Arkadian materials and items
    -aj502 HellRoach Budweiser- will it tie into the storyline I assume?
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- yes Zume, the Arch Society will want help to work out what the original buildings looked like - so they can rebuild them

    -Calin- David, are you planning to hold off on major advertising until after Treasure Hunting is implemented?
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- no Calin, marketing is ramping up now

    -Zume- cool.. is that related to the underground too??
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- the Underground is under 8 Coins, it's a mining area
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- no not open now Zume

    -Alaina Bonnie Scotia- brr cold and dark here now....
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- the day night cycles are being worked on this week, the planet is darker than I want it

    -Zume- well will there be "special" maps for the ruins area a bit like time travel on NI?
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- no not like that Zume

    -Numbers- will there be unique Arkadia mindforce items?
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- MF we'll look at, not in development now though

    -aj502 HellRoach Budweiser- Okay, not asking for the beans to be spilt, but we ever gonna get clued into that "power source" that alerted us to Ark?
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- all part of the mystery aj, will play out in story and missions

    -Lana Manjana Lullaby- David is ther any plans to make people PEd stretch for longer. I now you need to make money and MA Also. Just dont like it being more expencive every
    -Lana Manjana Lullaby- Day
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- yes Lana, working on it and I know it is an issue
    -Lana Manjana Lullaby- Thanks Dave. Nice not to be met by a wall of silence
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- sure thing Lana, I can't change everything, or make things happen overnight, but not hard to chat

    -Lana Manjana Lullaby- David. Could you maybe talk to The designers about adding some funny things in the landscape kind of doll running around 5 hours a day mining and only
    -Lana Manjana Lullaby- See grass. Just some small stuff
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- working on it now Lana

    -Zume- sorry for being a pain in the arse: but are you aware that when you removed all the lyst, you didnt put more of the rest in the mining loot pool.. my
    -Zume- mining has SUCKED since you changed it..
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- try mining in different areas Zume, only advice i can offer

    -Calin- and resources will be chande in a big way soon right?
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- yes resources will be adjusted in August update

    -Mathias Pipes McCarthy- sorry if this was asked already but will new Texture BP's come in August?
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- hope so mathias, is dependant on MA

    -Calin- so it will be safe to restart my maps then???
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- it's a huge job to change it Calin won't be done anytime soon

    -Juniper Jaywalker Jones- however oro have inmoroved they were really vicious for a small mob, til the update.
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- we are taking your feedback Juniper and making improvements as fast as possible
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- glad you like the adjustments

    -aj502 HellRoach Budweiser- Dave, here's something of a suggestion. Those Apts behind us, maybe think of making a walkway to them up the hill from the station?
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- thx aj, will look at it - they aren't likely to go on sale for some time though - other shops first

    -Zume- oh.. one thing i totally forgot i wanted to ask: when will appartments be for sale, and hopefully more than 5 at a time..
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- shops and apartments are due to go on sale early August - will be lots more than 5 for sale I promise
    -Zume- Sounds good CEO (for the easy naming).. cause it was a pain when they put NI bungalows on in batches of 5.. unreasonable high prices as a side effect.
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- I don't want prices too high, I think they are likely to sell similar to Calypso's apartments - but I guess the market will decide
    -Calin- caly prices now or at peak?
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- the market will decide - that means you guys decide
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- I have said on the forums there will be many apartments released with more in the future - resellers are taking a risk if they assume there won't be
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- more

    -Lana Manjana Lullaby- Dave do you see a problem in MA getting Calypso back when providing a service for your company ?
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- no Lana, my relationship with MA is good, I have confidence it will be fine
    -Lana Manjana Lullaby- Thanks

    -Zume- damn.. you have NO idea (or maybe you have, judging from the crowd) how much this engagement in the community means for us CEO..
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- I played EU for over 4 years Zume, I know exactly what it means
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- not that I will spend all nigth every Sat night here chatting :p
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- but I'm aware that when i log on during the week I miss many of you
    -David Robert Westmoreland- Ahh Dave : ) have to make it a little often..
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- ofc David
    -David Robert Westmoreland- Worst mistake Caly did was stop listening

    -TheRock- David, may I ask something i want u to answer me plz
    -TheRock- u said u played for 4 years... So when u did that, doesn't mean u know more than the normal players here and might get advantage (cheat) to get the be
    -TheRock- to get the best loot?
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- I don't play since I became a Planet partner Rock
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- the avatars are monitored Rock, so no need to worry

    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- even faster
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- I can tell you I am very excited about the future of Arkadia, marketing is stepping up and I'm looking to grow the dev team to bring in new content

    -Lana Manjana Lullaby- What about mining dave any cool loot ;D
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- well Lana, I've advised that BP's are changing to use more Arkadian materials - so Ark materials seem a good bet

    -Numbers- any news to encourage more armor drops? I've killed countless mobs and yet to loot any local armor, which I'm interested in using but the small stuff
    -Numbers- doesn't work well with the larger mobs
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- the balance and loot drops are under constant review
    -Calin- items have to be based on population, so lets get millions of peep in here
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- not sure Calin

    -Barney- David, is what we see now what mob densities will be or are you still working that out
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- mob spawns are being worked on, and new mobs coming in August
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- the oro near Resolute are a good spawn

    -Jenny ferr- Dave, does natural stones and fruit shwow up the same as on other planets? (only had small amounts found her on arkadia so far)
    -Jenny ferr- small = 10-20
    -Calin- yeah Jenny, i've found a little fruit here, but not much and no stones
    -Barney- i've found some stones, but not many
    -Erastothenes- I have been finding fruit
    -Jenny ferr- thats why my question if it is same as other planets or if it depends on something else

    -TheRock- new mobs means less space to mine right? make some room for some mining too plz
    -David Dobson Arkadia CEO- if you've really explored Arkadia you'll know there is no shortage of room for miners

    I'm sorry if it looks odd, but the info is now here.. :) I believe that it sounds great, and that Arkadia have a bright future.. I had to remove smileys and i have changed the tagging a bit.. But you should be able to read it.. :)
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  2. Suu Miles

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    Thanks for the summary, I heard about the q&a, but was stuck on caly :(
  3. KikkiJikki

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    Good work Zume +rep
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    thanx Zume, a lot of interesting info right there !
  5. dude

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    Awesome work and a great interview. Thanx Zune for doing the Q&A. Thanks Dave for answering all the questions. The big reason I stay on Arkadia is because of the communication.
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    thx for sharing
  7. Hyssch

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    +Rep for posting this! I got many of my own questions answered there :)

    -- Hyssch --
  8. XeroX

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    thanks for the spontanous q&a! :) Seems like we are looking for an interesting update in August with new mobs, estates and changed mining ressources and possibly BPs.
  9. cuilwenevey

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    great work.. zume. it was not to be back on arkadia, even for a short time. a lot of new stuff , and it looks great that the CEO is communicating with the community :)
  10. DxBlueIce

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    Thank you very much for posting this! Very interesting :)
  11. zume

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    Hi all.. thank you for your replies.. Yeah it was awesome to be there.. The 2 favourite things he tells us about for me, is estate and the way they will handle it, and how the ruins will take part of Treasure Hunting.. :) One thing i forgot to ask about was if it will then be possible to mine underwater for Treasure Hunting, seeing as there's supposed to be underwater ruins..
  12. isclay

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    +Rep. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Wish I could have been there.
  13. Jenny ferr

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    +Rep from me too once I can give it to you again :)

    Great thread
  14. Lee DeLioncourt

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    Thanks for posting this, it does help when the community shares answers from such sessions, as when Cyrus and Dave answer things on forum, not everyone ingame reads it, and vice versa. Rather than them having to post the same things over and over this helps tie it together nicely :)
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    Very nice, Zume. Thanks for taking time to put it in the forum.
  17. zume

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    you are all very welcome.. I felt that after all that chat (and partying) with David last night, the rest of the community that couldnt be there had the right to know what is and will be going on in the near future.. Everyone deserves to know about our beloved planet.. :)
  18. lokiscamaro

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    THIS is why we are here. its great to see dave taking an interest in us and what we have on our minds.

    Long Live ARKADIA!!!
  19. aj502

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    Too bad he couldn't answer the most important Q I asked: "Can you just tell us when/what/where to hunt/craft/mine?"

    Other than that, very informative and great job to Zumeeee for posting the chat (and for editing out me just being silly).

  20. Calin

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    It's a really nice feeling, actually being listened to with interest.

    TY Zume for cleaning it up and posting.
    TY Dave for being willing to talk to us.
    TY MA for... um... uh...