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Suggestion (BSTC)To Compet or not to Compet

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by Neven Nate, May 22, 2019.

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    A Blood, Sweat, and Tears campaign feature

    According to the documents released in the planning phase of Compet the driving factor behind the sales of deeds to players was an expansion of and integration to the Entropia Universe markets with the Compet app and pet battles. In addition the Stables were listed as estates that were going to provide services and features to pet owners.


    Well with the failure of the Compet app it leaves many of us looking back and saying "I knew that was coming.", but it didn't have to be that way. Put simply Mindark failed to develop the product advertised for whatever reason. Now that is not to say that they failed to develop some very good Intellectual Property (IP) it was just not implemented in the manner advertised. And without doing that there was no reason for the Entropia participants to support it. Now with the 2018 announcement by the CEO https://www.entropiauniverse.com/bulletin/buzz/2018/09/25/Letter-from-the-CEO.xml I at least have hope that they start to develop some of the advertised features as "core" features within Entropia.

    One of the most straight forward feature developments would be stabling for pets. Using the Mission Galatia quest features of turning in items in order to receive rewards and have it for each stable.
    1) The reward for this quest, at launch, should be a "Stable Book" this book could have a number of slots based on the "quest" level and would be used to store pets and or pet items. Each higher level would require the turn in of the previous book.
    2)The cost of this quest would be set by both Mindark and the stable owner: see Book Cost

    Stable Book (Micro implementation can have beneficial economy effects)
    At launch the stable book would only be pet storage much like a blue print book. Pets could be spawned out of the books and the pet would have to be from the world or level 7 to be placed in the book. Of course it could also be level 5/6 if wanting to give stable storage instant benefit.
    With the development of additional features for the Compet launch these features would be worked into the Stable Book and the stable owner would have to pay upgrade costs like with Plot Lands to receive them. The motive for the stable upgrades would be to encourage people to use that stable rather than any other.
    The stable book would only work on the planet that had that stable.

    Book Cost
    The cost of the book could be payed in (Composite planks) and the markup would be set by the stable owner for each level of the quest Paid in PED.
    This cost paid to Mindark can be used to fund both additional "Compet" development and PED based rewards for the pet battles. In addition by making that cost paid in (Composite planks) it has built in profit features for the planet partners. Each Level of upgrade on the book would increase the price, 10%-20% (example 5PED level 1, 5.5PED level 2), so it would be cheaper to have 3 level one books than one level 3 book depending on markup. Each level of book would also have larger storage much like the Blueprint(L) books so having one level 3 book would take less storage than 3 level one "books".

    This base idea is very basic but I see a huge potential for expansion of this launch and all of them could be worked into the Entropia Universe keeping to the idea of eventually expanding the number of players that interact with the Real Cash Economy of the universe.

    References posted in work other than that everything comes from game play.