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Suggestion (BSTC) Repair for Profit

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by Neven Nate, May 22, 2019.

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    A Blood, Sweat, and Tears campaign feature.

    So this post is going to start with supporting features rather than with the main feature you will see why by the end so bare with me, this muddies the responses though so will number them.

    1*) Pet Name Tags (Micro implementation isolated/no economy effects expanded use of almost useless item)
    Why? Just why would someone create a feature to name stuff within Entropia and have bright Idea to limit it to this degree?
    They should be called just Name Tags and they should be able to be used on:
    A) Storage containers; Why look through a bunch of containers to locate something when you could name them Armor Storage, Looted goods Storage, Armor(M), Armor(F),Needed For Quest
    B) Shopkeepers; at 5 PED a pop this is just good business for Mindark, Let alone the store owner with 7 Shopkeepers lined up in a row
    C) Mannequins; You could name it with the items displayed or to commemorate a special event. You could even create an in-game museum or memorial describing an event with specific clothing (ok so I admit I thought of this after seeing Neverdie Bank and thinking he would go ape making his own in-game time line with mannequins).
    D) Vehicles; These names should be unique and the reputation of the vehicle could be linked to the name, no name no reputation. Certain names could be keep by the planet partners that are related to their story lines or names from history like "The Red Barron" could be auctioned or rewarded for the completion of quests or events. This way players could gain fame in multiple ways just like Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen did. These names also allows additional options See Below and only if used in this manner will any changes to the database be needed.
    E) Oh ya pets too.

    2*) Fleets (no economy effects)
    A society that is based around the real life fleet which are made up of vehicles with unique names. This is a way to allow players to join more than one society but only when there Vehicle is placed in world. Want a space force or army but don't want that to be the limit of your social activities. Don't make the fleet free Fleet Registrations could be sold in the online store, or they could also be provided with the Mother-ships and Privateers. Right click a named vehicle in your inventory to petition to join a fleet it will tell the fleet what your vehicle rep is. Different Types of fleets could be Pirate, Defender, Land Navy, Space Navy these would also be secondary types.

    3*) Name Transfer Tags (isolated/no economy effects)
    These would be used with Vehicles and would function like ESI's purchased in the online store or trade-able between players use it on the named vehicle and it will fill up to with the value of the reputation any leftover would be payed out like with a used up ESI then install it in a second vehicle to transfer the reputation that way when the TT runs out on your vehicle you can keep your name.

    Now to the primary feature (Potential for loss and profit for Mindark)
    4*) A) Repair for Profit (Loss of income off repair decay and Welding Wire use)
    The RK-5's and RK-20's should be hooked up to the loot 2.0 system so when using them they will give out loot after so many uses (random) or when key repair marks are hit like the full repair of a vehicle or perhaps every 10% of its max health.

    B) Space Based PvP
    The Effect at Least to a Point (Profit for Mindark discharge of weapons in Space To make this effective the Sales part of the TT would have to be disabled in space)
    Many ship owners have repair for skill business running some run for profit off of the equipment sales, and some also charge fees for crew. So if repairing a ship creates loot then it would give pirates or opposing "Fleets" a reason to go to war. Now this seems like all bad but it also gives a reason for the crew fees after all it almost guarantees that a big ship on a repair run will be attacked. Now for the people that say that the repairers are funding PvP I say, "How much do you make off repairs now?"
    If you think about a repair run that you have been on it is usually one ship and no gunners. With this system it makes it so that to keep this profitable business the ship owner now needs gunners or/and support ships. If a support ship is destroyed then it has to fly back to the repair ship to attack again unless they have a mother ship (carrier) near. The repair crew would then repair that ship and it could go out again. This would be the same for defenders giving them an advantage if they were in a mother ship. The profit for gunners(shooters) would of course be the loot of any opposing repair crew.
    Now for profit fleets would have a reason to recruit crews and the crews would have a reason to go into space. Now if you are using the fleet system this allows players to write a chapter in space for how the universe runs.
    As for the players that manufacture Welding wire and RK-5's or RK-20's this has the potential to increase your profit as more people go to war, and as for the (L) ships they will wear faster the more they are shot so their will likely be a higher need to manufacture more. Overall this just gives most Ships(players) the ability to say this is my planet or fleet and fight for it and have an effect for doing so.

    C) Having a mother-ship next to hunters using their own craft could be another for profit activity, fly out of ship hunt log off to protect loot this way there is no decay to the mother-ship weapons,even without implementing this system if the hunting field is not near a Space Station I don't know if people use them this way or not. I can see the example Carrier "Place Name Here" is acting as repair vessel at "hunting field name, (Location)" if you engage in piracy you will be looted by the mother-ship gunners and crew repair of hunters provided (free or as charge). Of course as I do not hunt in space much this may not be necessary if their is a space-station near every hunting field.

    5*) The proposed delivery system could be related to "Fleets" and/or the number of ships that register to an event system additional loot would be rewarded for killing the ships that do the repairs.

    References are mostly life and Entropia game play.
    When fixing a car you remove old parts and place new parts.