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Suggestion Blood, Sweat, and Tears Compaign

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by Neven Nate, May 22, 2019.

  1. Neven Nate

    Neven Nate New Member

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    Blood, Sweat, and Tears Campaign(BSTC)
    (Not related to the BS&T Society)

    Blood, Sweat, and Tears is used to reefer to hard work, but within the Entropia Universe it takes on an additional meaning.
    The blood of warfare, the Vibrant Sweat that fuels the mind, and the tears of triumph and defeat.

    This campaign is what I would designed to draw the Entropia community together and build better systems to promote and expand the offerings of the universe.

    Though this is the first posting I have others that will be linked to it, all will work towards the same goal. In order to allow easier and more focused feedback they will be separated they include but may not be limited to; (BSTC)Repair or Re-manufacture, (BSTC)Repair for Profit, (BSTC)To Compet or Not to Compet.

    The (Vibrant Sweat) Penalty (Micro implementation can have economy effects or not if people sweat themselves)
    There is only one unregulated "profitable" activity within Entropia Universe and that is the gathering of (Vibrant Sweat), so how do you balance this activity and the market it creates? My answer is to create a cost to the only other unrestricted activity death. Almost every MMO has a death penalty that is applied to players after a certain point in the game and/or within specific areas. In Entropia players that have not graduated (professional level below 10) should not have a death penalty, except within the Rig Zones or Special Events, and the penalty should only be in non-lootable PvP (yellow) zones.

    A) So what is the cost for death I suggest having a formula or 3 for different circumstances that could also be implemented by propriety owners:
    1) Standard cost; Highest Profession Level(HPL) -10(graduation profession level). from 0 to 220(or whatever max is)
    2) Light Cost; (HPL-10(gpl))/2.. used for new player PvP events or to support the market. from (0 or 1) to 115(or whatever 1/2 of max is)
    3) Heavy cost; HPL or HPL X 1.5 for the rig locations from 1 to (100 or 345) (or whatever 1.5 multiplied by max is)

    B) Some may say no without even giving this a thought, I'm not one of them so here are my thoughts:
    1)Trolling in the rig zones, I have done it likely so have you, but the defenders of these zones should not be the only ones to pay a cost they are PvP after all and the only cost should not be the ammo to fire your weapons.
    2)Land grabs that actually need a Society of new and old players not just the top 5 players with the most money. This does not need to be every land grab through a couple with sweat cost in for deaths and there you go promote the entire player base.
    3)The only thing needed to gather sweat is time therefor this is a time based penalty one that you gather/pay in advance.

    C) There is more to implementing a system than the desire of the players (assuming you don't hate this) but this system has the majority of its coding is already within Entropia.
    1)When entering land areas you already check for event access and PvP when running this check just check for (Vibrant Sweat) in inventory like the code for inventory of vehicles entering space.
    2)On death in red zones you check for inventory and it spawns a body to loot in this case just transfer sweat out in yellow zones.
    3*)Instead of checking for sweat on entering, if its not present in inventory within yellow zones on death apply a negative status effect for the player like increased critical damage received or movement penalties like in almost every other MMO out there. Items already have this ability as do random skill buffs. There is also the 30 second red zone can be looted ticker when leaving the red zones.

    I can see this as the beginning of (Vibrant Sweat) based features within the Entropia Universe and already can picture off shots that expand this specific feature.

    References and Inspirations
    The term blood, toil, tears, and sweat is attributed to Sir Winston Churchill in his 1940 WWII speech to the British people, but this version may come from earlier than that.

    I have been gaming for a long time and have been inspired by many games so to give professional and academic credit where it is do as much as possible, as I have forgotten so much. Anything form the now defunct TSR Dungeons and Dragons from V1 to WoTC's V3.5 as well as countless articles from gaming mags related to it as well as a slew of other table top games Vampires, Tunnels and Trolls, Traveler. As well as online games including WoW, SL, Rust. Normal electric games FFVII, Star Ocean. And so many I can't name.

    I have not read an article for Entropia that addresses this issue if there is one please let me know and Ill be happy to post a link. Please don't plagiarize and link this post if there is not another one Posted on May 22, 2019 but I started to work on this and others back in 2015.

    And finally please feel free to link this to you friends or within other planet partner forums so we can expand this conversation to the entire Universe.
  2. Spawn

    Spawn Active Member

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    Bstc. Is a society? Is it a group of people? Or is it Just you?
    Change can be good, but not all the ideas this bstc stands for are good ideas. Maybe make a poll first for your different ideas and see how people feel about them.
    And if one of your ideas is liked a lot, try to go for that Idea. Gain Mo, gather followers and then drop the Idea in the developers wishlist corner.
  3. Granny Rowan

    Granny Rowan Active Member

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    So let me see if I understand this correctly, and tbh I had to read what you wrote several times to try to understand your intentions, so if I have it wrong my apologies.
    I feel that you are saying a hunter entering pvp needs to be carrying sweat (1 bottle or 1k bottles ?)
    Why is this a 'death penalty' ? How does this create a market for sweat ?
    Seems to me it creates a 'weight carried penalty' which tbh the more experienced players wont even notice. and since we can all sweat for ourselves why would we buy it when presumably we keep it unless looted, and that can only happen in red pvp.

    Oh and btw just so you know, sweat is not the only free activity in game. Not even the only way to earn free ped. Stone and fruit collecting is ofc the most obvious. Paid spammer for someone else (service provider or re-seller). Hunting or mining for resources on behalf of another player has also been tried, as well as low level healing for skills, and or tips.

    Sweat has many uses in game, as it is used as part of some missions, used in quite a few crating BPs, the real problem with it's lack of value is an over-saturated market, where sellers undercut each other in a race to the bottom on price. Penalising those sweaters who have gained experience makes no sense, they have earned those skill points, penalising new players makes even less as could affect player retention.

    If you truly want to improve the game for the low budget player, maybe consider other options for inexpensive or free ways they could 'contribute to the economy' and then offer the suggestions to MA.