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Back yet again

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Zont, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. Zont

    Zont Member

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    Hey everyone I am back yet again...

    So I Was looking for some infomation.. on what you Guys would do if you had 100 Ped and the armor to 10$ from the webshop :)

    Now I am off to the ostelok low levels With at laser rifle that does 4-6 damage, do you Guys think that I could soon kill something thats bigger perhaps what should My next weapon be ? laser sniper hit is that i am going for... My weapon is a z12 barbarealla :)

    Thanks for the read :)

  2. DaJuggernaut

    DaJuggernaut Member

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    Zont, though I haven't seen you in the past, welcome back. :woot:

    I have not had much luck with the ostelok going all the way through 20k kill points, but if you are having good luck on them then stick with it. There are plenty of mobs in that similar range that you can look to hunt, there are posts elsewhere in the forum that give a good hierarchy on the mobs, but some basics would be the following:

    Carabok, Gallard, Monura (male and female), Arkadian Hornet

    Low Level (some mobs have higher maturities, but if you stick to young and mature you should be fine)
    Ostelok, Halix, Ferin

    Low-Mid (a bit of a step up from the above)
    Oro, Zadul, Tiarak

    You also have the Oratan Prospector dailies once you have finished your Ark intro missions, these progress nicely in difficulty as your avatar does.

    Hope this was helpful.

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