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Arkadian Gamble Group society for planet Arkadia

Discussion in 'SocTalk' started by Rocco Cosax Sonnax, Feb 2, 2016.

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    Heya's all :)

    giving out an information regarding society for Arkadia.

    As born calypsian i decided to immigrate to planet Arkadia and found a new society.
    Name of society is "Arkadian Gamble Group" and is open for everyone who likes Arkadia and/or holding AUD, so society is very dedicated to Arkadia.

    We recruit hunters, miners, crafters, traders ... noone left out.

    See any society-terminal for more informations or hit me up with a PM.

    Establishing network for planet Arkadia and society members benefits.
    For a growing and prospering planet Arkadia.

    And yes, sure you can travel to any planet you like, Arkadia is societies homeplace tho.

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