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America the Grimm truth. Interesting article found online.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shinobi, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Shinobi

    Shinobi Guest

    More @ Source
  2. Faye

    Faye Member Pro Users

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    So ... wot have you been smoking ?
  3. Shinobi

    Shinobi Guest

    Nothing just a strong cuppa Joe. I never wrote this article but found it and kinda sober and interesting. Thought it be good thing to share thats all. Nothing against americans either I love all my US friends in this community.

    Some might like to ponder these points and a large majority choose to ignore such things in the hope that it will go away, but doesnt. Some choose means to escape. Many live in denial. But overall when I read something like this and relate it to current trends in the real world, I cant help but feel realy sorry for my friends across the ocean.
  4. Sissi

    Sissi New Member

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    Beautiful rant :)

    and as always there is a "but",

    1. The US war industry was actually induced by Europe during WWII, when america multiplied its war industry output to help the allied. After the war they faced a huge problem, too many people were employed in this segment and downsizing it could easily have made a second "big depression". This of course lead to spiral of warmongering (korea, vietnam, etc) which was needed to get rid of all the stocked war supplies so the factories could continue to work.

    2. Unfortunately I dont believe the US dollar will default, as mainly the chinese hold over 1000 billion (yup alot of zeroes) of US debt, even devalueing the dollar would mean they would loss a tonne of money. The chinese have realised this in the last couple of years and are trying to downsize this by buying foreign companies with american bonds (mind you this is the highest interest rate ever achieved, meaning that they are exchanging debts to industrial production/knowhow, which is way higher than getting X percent on the loan in value).

    3. Actually you are wrong about Yugoslavia, being something held together by force. Tito was a croat who was revered by all yugoslavians (guess they felt that it cant be better than this and he was called the father of all yugoslavians). They were the least communistic of the eastern block and Tito and Stalin were never on speaking terms, specially after they declined to join the Warsaw pact. Tito died and the country collapsed, the rest is well known.

    Im glad that I wasnt born in the US and fell great pity for a nation that had such a promising start. Only negative thing was the presidential electoral system the forefathers devised due to the distances, find it mindboggling that its not a direct vote for president and true it hasnt been abused regurlarly (couple of times only), it does leave a big question mark whether they can be called a democracy with such a system.

    Wish more americans were as clearminded as you about their country.

    Just my 2 pecs,
  5. Snape

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    *Moved as per OP's request*

    Also, can you please sort out the formatting. It looks like an interesting article but trying to read it on an iPhone screen is murder.
  6. Calin

    Calin Member

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    Many good points, some are slightly weak. Overall, I'd say that there is still hope but America is in sad shape. Often the politics seems like a contest of who can out-stupid the other (Palin is a perfect example). I know there are a number of countries where I'd probably enjoy life much more than I do here in America, but instead of leaving, I do what I can to nudge people in the right direction. Wish me luck.
  7. Admin

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    Hmmm... perhaps you could provide us with the article source? Would be nice to just quote the first paragraph or so, and then the reader can jump to the source, where I'm sure the layout is much nicer ;)

    Edit: I just did it for you.
  8. Puck

    Puck Adviser Pro Users Arkadia Adviser

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    Really? You feel sorry for us? Because of what some unaccreddited blogger barfed out? My pity is for you, my Dutch friend. I hope you're expanding your world knowledge with more credible sources than this. Veel Geluk!
  9. Corey "Greyfox"

    Corey "Greyfox" Member

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    Although I do agree that America is in trouble that article is a bit of an exaggeration(Based what I know from friends who live down there). I really don't want to debate each and every point of it so I am just going to go after the one point that really stood out to me, the "lack" of freedom. You know it is completely impossible to tell someone that they are not free. Freedom is a matter of perception, if a person perceives themselves as free then they are, even if they are locked in cell. So since freedom will mean different things to different people the author of that article is simple saying that by his perception of freedom Americans are not free.

    My personal version of freedom, to be free from excessive bureaucracy, dumb ass bylaws, basically I just want to live my life without having to deal with too much "red tape". This was easy to find, the further away you get from urban centres the less bureaucracy you find. Other people will have a completely different idea of what freedom means. They would not be wrong, unless they tried to tell me that I, because I do not fit their definition of freedom, am not free.

    As for being a prisoner of debt, well that is a prison you must check into yourself, no-one can put you there. Most people who are trapped by debt are their because they tried to go beyond what they could afford. You ever hear that saying that you should have three months living expenses saved up just in case? Well that is easy to do if the only things you ever go into debt for are your house and car.
  10. Cyborg Bill

    Cyborg Bill Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    The author of that crap is wayyy off base. I HAVE been around the world. I KNOW how other countries are and I will say this loud and proud America is STILL the best nation on the planet in many many ways. Granted the poltics and the people involved in it are some of the most fucked up twisted ass backwards numbskulls walkin the planet but the rest is more then above world standard.

    I have yet to go into the worst part of our worst cites and see a kid so starved he can barely walk...I was in a country in the eastern med and handed a kid like that a boxed lunch I wasnt going to eat that hand a sandwhich with stale bread, warm milk, a pathetic excuse for an apple, and somekind of energy bar where the chocolate was all melted in the heat. Holy crap at least 25 people came outta the woodwork and beat this kid down for a meal I thought was so substandard I wouldnt touch it.

    So even tho the states has issues like every place else on the planet Illl have to say that dude has no fucking clue about the country if he even was an American cause he never left his doorstep to look around. His goofy ass is spewing copy paste bullshit far worse then any MA support has ever done.

    Ill keep my varying seasons, green grass, hills, lakes streams, small towns and big cities as my choice over piss poor living conditions, starvation, dictatorships, errosion, no conveiniences like running water and electrcity.... I like being able to make the mornin download in peace and be able to flush it away instead of stinkin up my plot of dirt next to my makeshift hut thank you very much.
  11. Dab

    Dab Member

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    It looks like the Dutch may be on the way to joining the poor Americans in poverty.

    It seems they have been supporting ther economy with narco-tourism - being the drug dealer for Western Europe - but that may be changing.


    The economy might suffer quite a bit if they ban foreigners from buying drugs and have to start fighting the mafia which has infested their country since enforcement of drug laws was relaxed.

    "According to Mr Leistra, criminals looking to turn a profit through the drug trade contact Afghans, Turks or Colombians. The marijuana trade is mostly in Turkish hands and the Chinese dominate the trade in fake designer goods and other in items involving copyright infringement. Criminals pump around 3.8 billion euros of their ill-gotten gains into the Dutch economy annually. Part of the money is used to pay off law enforcement officials, lawyers, civil servants and legitimate entrepreneurs."


    Sounds like they are becoming more like the US every day.

    Mass murdering idiot with a gun.


    They even have the same religious nuts as us now too.

    "Several reports and books came out about the apocalypse taking place on December 21, 2012, which is most likely why many dutch prepare for 2012. A lot of people in the Netherlands believe in this predictions and see this in a positive light, especially when this day comes."


    I feel really sorry for my friends across the ocean in the Netherlands since their country is becoming more like America all the time.

    It's amazing how many interesting articles you can find online. :shrug:

    Oh, and Grimm wrote fairy tales I believe.