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RSS Feed Action Screenshot Contest Runners Up

Discussion in 'Entropia Universe' started by ArkadiaBot, Apr 5, 2016.

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    Action Image Screenshot Contest: Runners Up

    As promised, here are the runners-up photos from the Action Screenshot Competition for your viewing pleasure! Each of these avatars received prizes of buff-giving fireworks for their good work!


    This image from Avatar “milton osga hastings” effectively uses blurred, darkened edges to draw our gaze to the central figure of the Furor. The fearsome energy of the attacking creature is well illustrated by the ‘mid-swing moment’ as it leans all its weight into the punch. Ouch!


    Avatar “Gabrial Aziphirael Stone” really managed to capture the key moment of this explosion. Against a backdrop of forbidding trees the firelight from the detonation glows through the mushroom gills and splashes onto the sheer cliff walls. Nice lighting effects!


    A dramatic face-off is the focus of this image from avatar “Roslyn Kaz Farstar”. Isolated in dark depths with only moments till a death-struggle, both combatants are poised to attack. Yet the avatar seems dwarfed by the threatening bulk of the Oratan. Who won the fight? :)


    Avatar “RP Rave Prospector” treated us to this ‘psychedelic’ image, using a neon palette that blazes through the dark night.

    Congratulations to you all!

    The winning entries for the competition can be found here

    There will be more screenshot competitions in the future, so watch this space! :)

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    Nice screen shoots ,Gratz to the winners :)