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A joke

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DaughterOfAnarchy, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. DaughterOfAnarchy

    DaughterOfAnarchy Active Member

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    Three friends - a worker, an artist and a gamer meet and talk about their relations.

    The worker says: I think is better to have a wife; you don't have to worry about what other people say, you always find some warm food when you get home from work and you know that your kids will get a good education.

    The artist says: I think is better to have a mistress because is more civilized, more fair... you only stay together as long as you feel happy with each other and when this is no longer true, you (or her) just leave, without any formalities, arguments, divorces, affected kids.

    Finally, the gamer says: I think is better to have both a wife and a mistress; for example now, the wife knows I'm with the mistress, the mistress knows I'm with the wife, and i can stay longer hours here at the office, drinking beer and playing my favorite game.

    Not necessarily the most brilliant joke and I'm not starting a new jokes session, but I was perplexed to being accused today that I'm... a married man with a mistress based on the following printscreen:


    So I just wanted to let everyone know what was the "big secret" behind that chat window, in case there are other "smart people" that intend to start calling my church, my boss, my wife or my mistress and tell them about my infidelity - hahaha. :p
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  2. Wauspaus

    Wauspaus Active Member

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    This sounds and looks wierd...... and funny
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  3. StarDrifter

    StarDrifter Member

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    Can I just say that I am extremely disappointed that my Image (now removed from Original Post), which was supposed to be a mild celebration for me, was taken and used Maliciously.
    The text seen in Private chat is only a small snippet, & has been taken completely out of context.

    For the record:

    2016-01-23 11:25:12 [TO : Daughter of Anarchy] come to Monria :D
    2016-01-23 11:25:29 [FROM: Daughter of Anarchy] neah, heard from a friend he lost 300 something peds there - hahaha
    2016-01-23 11:26:02 [TO : Daughter of Anarchy] I can feel something big coming :D
    2016-01-23 11:26:39 [FROM: Daughter of Anarchy] yaeh, more loses :p
    2016-01-23 11:50:25 [FROM: Daughter of Anarchy] You on Monria for the event? :)
    2016-01-23 11:50:37 [TO : Daughter of Anarchy] nope, can't make event
    2016-01-23 11:51:17 [FROM: Daughter of Anarchy] Why not? During work time?
    2016-01-23 11:51:45 [FROM: Daughter of Anarchy] it's weekend :p
    2016-01-23 11:52:27 [TO : Daughter of Anarchy] hospital visit
    2016-01-23 11:52:33 [FROM: Daughter of Anarchy] bah :( what happend?
    2016-01-23 11:52:43 [TO : Daughter of Anarchy] father in law not wel
    2016-01-23 11:53:44 [FROM: Daughter of Anarchy] oh... well, good nothing wrong with you :)
    2016-01-23 11:55:42 [TO : Daughter of Anarchy] :)
    2016-01-23 11:56:58 [FROM: Daughter of Anarchy] Then how come you decided to go there? :)
    2016-01-23 11:57:33 [TO : Daughter of Anarchy] I came before plans had been made, besides long overdue for this trip
    2016-01-23 11:57:46 [FROM: Daughter of Anarchy] Oh... I see
    2016-01-23 11:59:29 [FROM: Daughter of Anarchy] fake an excuse to stay home - hahaha
    2016-01-23 12:00:08 [FROM: Daughter of Anarchy] You know like in that joke
    2016-01-23 12:00:15 [FROM: Daughter of Anarchy] "is good to have both a wife and a mistress"
    2016-01-23 12:00:21 [FROM: Daughter of Anarchy] the wife knows I'm at the mistress
    2016-01-23 12:00:28 [FROM: Daughter of Anarchy] the mistress knows I'm at home with the wife
    2016-01-23 12:00:35 [FROM: Daughter of Anarchy] and I can stay extra hours at the office and play EU :p
    2016-01-23 12:00:36 [TO : Daughter of Anarchy] lol
    2016-01-23 14:25:38 [TO : Daughter of Anarchy] Nite Kiddoo, Have fun & GL​
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  4. Haruto Rat

    Haruto Rat Active Member

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    I heard this joke before I heard of the internet.

    It's in fact an old Lenin joke - "tell wife you're with the mistress, tell mistress you're with the wife, and learn, learn, learn!"
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