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Weapons Why (L) weapon amp has such low efficiency?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by cute781217, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. cute781217

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    From my understanding of Entropia Universe, the limited item always has better efficiency than the unlimited one. Like limited armor has higher durability and performing full protection until it died. Limited weapon has lower decay than unlimited one too. But I can't see this feature in weapon amp at all.

    There's no (L) amp can be as good efficiency as Omegaton A series, beast and dante, no matter before or after markup. So it makes no sense to buy (L) amp which have to pay markup repeatedly and lower efficiency other than some super powerful PVP amp. So I hope A-team do a re-balance about Arkadia amp, At least make them able to compete with dante or beast and omegaton series amp after markup to give people a real reason to use it. Making it attractive enough for players to use it can also create more demand for materials which would be great for local economy, so I hope A-team can consider doing a re-balance about it. :D
  2. Neil

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    Good question. I'd like to see more options for increasing weapon efficiency.

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