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Why do you hate pirates?

Discussion in 'PvP' started by lyosha, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. Dwarf Simeron Steelhammer

    Dwarf Simeron Steelhammer Member

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    Well you can still travel and explore, even if you don't go on board a starship to do it. Simply carry an RK-5 with you and some welding wire and then fly to your hearts content and explore.

    If a pirate does happen to shoot you down, you aren't carrying any lootables (wire is not lootable) so they simply WASTE their ped and GIVE you skills for very minor TT loss on the ship you are in.

    Then you will appear at the nearest SS or Revival point, repair your ship and continue to fly around and explore.

    The "worst case" scenario is being trapped on one of the SS that is not over a planet by a pirate that keeps shooting you down when you try to leave. In that case you might have to log off and let them waste their time waiting for you. But I doubt many pirates are going to be in no man's land just waiting to ambush a space tourist with no loot just to trap them on one of those and if they are, they won't wait for hours for you to leave after they get you the 2nd time.

    And even if they do, with a little thought, you can head in a totally different direction and probably get away from them by thinking in THREE dimensions not TWO...space had an up and down as well as a side to side too :cowboy:
  2. Dan59

    Dan59 Active Member

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    I think all comunity know all that, it was discused tousand times. Tere are even written deep guides on other forums.
    And all your replies are off topic and have litle to do with thread opener question "Why do you hate pirates?".
    And also dont have nothing to do with my answer on topic subject.
    With repliest to each other we just deviate this tread faar from topic.
    As i dont want to help you to troll and hijack this thread any more i stop here.
  3. strangelove

    strangelove Member

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    Dan's been playing EU since about 1859 so I don't think you are enlightening him.

    Second, most people don't want to have to deal with pirates. People work hard for their loot and want to keep it AND/OR don't want to waste their time with unwanted hoops.

    Sorry, if I have 2 hours to go on a soc hunt and it happens to be on another planet, I don't want to possibly spend 90 minutes to get there.

    Pirates restrict travel freedom and the movement of goods and services. If pirate infected PVP is such a great idea, tell Greece, Spain, Ireland, Cyprus, Slovenia, Portugal and the EU in general that they could increase their growth rates collectively by making the borders PVP like the good old days of East Germany and the Berlin wall. Somehow EU has discovered a secret that all the trained bureaucrats in the EU missed.....
  4. Kitch

    Kitch Member

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    couple of points for info:

    red trangle just means they have a weapon attached that can currently be fired, not to do with the infamy or rep or whatever
    green means they are one a guest list that u are on aka an ms
    blue means they cannot fire, either they dont have a weapon or they are sat in the gunner seat, but when they move to pilot itll turn red

    also some tactics for avoiding the pirates:
    1. deception, u pick an unconventional route to ur destination. fly up when there is no pirate around, then maybe detour a little. Its so easy to avoid them if u do this.. really..
    2. Dont do the journey during the time most of them are on.. im guessing pacific, daytime
    3. be brave, fight them fair and square, not 'oh see how much ped i can waste' now whos being negative/un-gamesmanlike now?
    i have had dogfights with the best of them, windy, stagger, smokeit - and it was by far the best fun i had in this game. well the hub too is pretty good. yay for cyrene :pthe three above i consider fun open ended gameplay,
    where there is real choice, real thinking and planning. what u guys want its the opposite,

    safe. predictable. limited. repetitive. linear....

    ...shit i cant take this im gonna go slit my wrists lol

    well, i think this truly boils down to individual personalitys and thus is a futile circular argument.

    in the end the only thing that shuold matter is which is best for EU in an economical sense..

  5. Jenny ferr

    Jenny ferr Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    closing this thread now as it already served the purpose of the OP.
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