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Suggestion What pass when you repair a vase in terminal

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by Milesio, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. Milesio

    Milesio Platinum Member Platinum Member

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    I do not know if this thing will be posible but i can wish.

    When you loot a vase while you are mining treasures, perhaps the thing have a low tt value. You look the vase and you see some design in vase surface. If you repair the vase in repair terminal you can see 100% design as when old arkadians crafted the vase.

    My wish can be if you repair the vase you can see in vase surface something useful, as a map with a big X in some position, you can look planet map and try find position you see in the map, and perhaps you find some nice thing there, new treasure, or a new enter to Arkadia underground.

    And another wish, i know sooto are very rare, but sometimes you can find something inside a vase? Ancient crafting bp or other nice things?

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  2. RexDameon

    RexDameon Active Member Pro Users

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    I'll 2nd this as a great idea.

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