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We Need an A.N.U.B.I.S. Upgrade!

Discussion in 'Items' started by happy_hipster, Feb 21, 2021 at 13:39.

  1. happy_hipster

    happy_hipster Active Member

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    Ever see the Anubis NPC and wonder what its there for?
    /wp [Arkadia, 31230, 9498, 124, A.N.U.B.I.S. ]

    Well, since most of the related crafted items it pertains too are no longer available, and no longer competitive, It really is not there for anything.


    It WAS there to upgrade a very limited number of weapons, and at it's introduction, was very useful. But now, with newer, more efficient and better weapons, ones with available blueprints, it is rarely if ever used.

    I do have some of the blueprints, but no one seems to want the weapons anymore.
    Herman Ark-5 Desert
    Herman Ark-5 Desert Mk I w/ ANUBIS Upgrade
    Why not a Mk II or III or X?

    It seems that this vendor should be updated to upgrade all Arkadian crafted items. Armors, Pulsars, Gyros, Bullseyes, Hotfoots, Rages, Longreach, clothes, backpacks, vehicles.

    I feel that if one could add a dodge to a Ursa set or a lifesteal to a Rage or a heal over time to a Gyro, they would come back into use and hunting loot would once again have value.

    Leave your thoughts on this idea. Maybe we will see a speed buff on an upgraded set of Carapace Boots, actual item storage in backpacks, wings that help us glide, or the ability to go to space in the Dropship!

    With upgrades, all things are possible.

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  2. CalMJ

    CalMJ New Member

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    I'd really settle for any type of update but this seems like it should be fairly simple to implement and help show that someone is still working on the game.

    Like the idea of a speed buff on carapace boots. Better buffs on crappy items - is the trade off worth it?
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  3. Bolleke

    Bolleke Member

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    I once knew what the plan was but then armatrix came out, still pbr & pbp rules out there