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Wanted List: Data, Images & Video

Discussion in 'Interactive Arkadia' started by endy, Dec 20, 2011.

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    If you want to add missing/extra information about Arkadia, please post it here.

    Oceanic wanted list:

    Mob info:

    maturities and levels for some of the spawns, some mob damage types

    LAs' info:
    owner's and LAs' info, taxes etc.

    Places of Interest info:
    locations and thumbnail images for camps, sacrificial grounds etc.

    Cave systems and roads:
    locations and thumbnail images

    NPCs & mission givers:
    locations and thumbnail images

    Thumbnail image format - high quality JPEG 100px x 92px

    Galaxy Guide wanted list:

    video and hi-res images
    Image format: JPEG 400x280
    Video format: FLV 400x280

    Any information that is present in Oceanic can be linked to a Galaxy Guide article that contains full scale images, video and text. If you have enough info for a GG article, please post it here or contact me.

    You can use Arkadia Chronicles and Arkadia Mob templates as a reference of what can be done in GG, additional templates can be created by request.

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