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RSS Feed Virtual Tycoon is Entropia Universe extended to your Smart Phone!

Discussion in 'Entropia Universe' started by ArkadiaBot, Oct 14, 2014.

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    Virtual Tycoon is Entropia Universe extended to your Smart Phone!

    Virtual Tycoon gives you full in game access to the Construction system, Auction system, Storage, Accounting, Avatar Skills, Professions and global updates.


    Crafting has never been made easier, now that you can access Entropia Universe anytime anywhere, and craft on the go, allowing you more session time in game for other activities. The easy to use interface gives you a great overview of all your blueprints to assist you in choosing the right item to craft at the moment, and keep you ahead of the market. The auction system makes it easy to acquire missing ingredients.

    No need to worry about missing a critical auction session anymore; the Virtual Tycoon will let you stay in touch with Entropia Universe on the move. Push notifications are sent to keep you updated if you have won/lost or been over bid on a current auction session.

    You have full access to storage and all the details of your items, you have never seen them so well displayed before. Items can easily be put up on the auction or sold back to the trade terminal.

    Plan the progression of your Avatar when there is time for it, buy that piece of equipment that you where looking for. Construct those Blueprints that you haven’t had time to do. In short, this is the first step to make the Entropia Universe experience available, away from keyboard.

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