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RSS Feed Virtual Dagger Auctioned for Over $10,000 in Entropia Universe

Discussion in 'Entropia Release Notes' started by ArkadiaBot, Nov 22, 2017.

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    Virtual Dagger Auctioned for Over $10,000 in Entropia Universe

    A dagger was recently auctioned for $10,222 in MMORPG Entropia Universe — more than the price of a real, gold-plated “Black Panther” hunting knife — despite being made only of pixels.

    The powerful Unique Sacrificial Dagger is the only one of its kind and was discovered in Halloween Mayhem 2017, an annual event where participants kill zombie monsters for prizes with real cash value. This year’s event marked the introduction of lootable Halloween Strongboxes, with player “28 yunggun 04” opening one such box to discover the precious item within.

    Entropia Universe is well known for its record-breaking virtual items sales — Crystal Palace Space Station was sold to a single player in 2009 for $330,000.

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