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Viceroy Armor Ingredients + Upgrade Armor Sets Available

Discussion in 'Shops' started by SoReal, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. SoReal

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    I am now stocking full ingredients to make Viceroy Armor:


    The Armor requires the following ingredients which you hand over to Bill in the Mining managers office at Celeste Quarry.


    The above items are available from stock as either part purchases or as a complete package and are competively priced.

    In addition I also stock full TT Musca , Canis and Lupus armor sets , male and female if you wish you upgrade the viceroy to adjusted , improved or modified.
    These armor sets are in my shop at Celeste Island and are priced in line with current listed auction markups.


    I also can obtain or may have in stock the additional items required for the Viceroy upgrades.

    More info on the Viceroy armor is here

    Below are the links for the upgrades

    Adjusted Viceroy

    Improved Viceroy

    Modified Viceroy

    You can contact me by looking up SoReal in the player register.

    Shop Location


    Shop is located right next to Celeste Island TP and a short run from the Celeste Habour TP

    and is also visible from the air as you enter Arkadia from atmosphere.



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  2. AxeMurderer

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    How much peds do I need to go from basic Viceroy to max upgrade modified?

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