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Very interesting

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by bass, Aug 19, 2011.

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  1. Cyborg Bill

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    To be honest, I may sound negative all the time to someone who simply refuses to see what happens constantly in the sphere of something they have a connection to. Here is where I stand on this entire thing. I like the game. If I did not I would not have invested in my ava the way I have and I would not still be here. BUT I have a habit of saying what I see its part of the various training I hvae had thruout my life between many types of jobs and the military. Sorry if pointing out obvious things is seen as negative from your point of view.

    The fact that Dave and company invested in this does say something very loudly to me. It tells me that the game still has some life left in it to be worth staying involved in it. I in no way mean that Dave and the Team and Arkadia can not make something of all this within the Entropia Universe in fact I know the opposite to be true. They will succeed far greater then anyone involved in this because of what they do and how they do it. I am however going to openly state that going by Mindarks past buisness practices in regards to the Universe they will have an up hill battle and will not be allowed to be the top planet simply because of the mentality of the people running MA.

    Hiya Xaph!
    I am not saying MA does not like the attention Ark is generating at all. After all it makes them money just as all the press from RT did even with all the bad that was going on. What I am saying is that MA does not like the fact Ark did so well on release day that they lost a massive portion of income instantainiously and were not happy with that. I am saying in the future MindArk will NOT let that happen again and will do whatever it takes to hinder that. Space being the most recent example of this. The use of resources from ALL planets to make certain items is also a major stoppage to the growth of not only Arkadia but all other planets as well.

    If people come to Entropia to play it will be because what Arkadia offers not what MA puts out. The players Dave and the A-Team attract do so on their efforts NOT on those of MA. That being said, if someone signs up to Arkadia because of what Dave offers then forcing their play to be governed by something totally irrelevent to what they came here to do is simply just another way to stimy Arkadias growth or potential to grow.

    Lastly when I say the "Mouth pieces for MA" and "toeing the cpmpany line" it is in regards to people like Marco spewing all kinds of things and then MA doing something totally different to what was put out to the public. They did the same with Hanne. Hanne was only a front wth a known persona that MA used becuase we as players trusted her as a player and would believe what they told her to put out more so then what Marco did because by the time she came Marcos credibility was total shit. I dont mean the people playing who are promoting the game. Some do because they DO love the game others do because they are sucking up thinking it will in some way benefit them.

    Like you my intent is not to breakdown what Arkadia is and can be. I think so far it has been done extremely well. I really can not say enough about what they have done here despite the opposition that MA is putting forth to "keep the money in the family".
  2. bass

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    As a side note. Honestly, I dont think MindArk is playing to stop planet partners, because it would be shooting its own feet. All the income they get from a PP is *FREE*, because they dont have costs (workers, advertising and the like), and that's not secondary. If they thought about keeping the income from planets, they would have never sold Planet Calypso to SDS or imagined a planetary system.

    I may say that the model cant work as is, since the PP have NO possibility to personalize their game play, and anyway they are forced to wait for the well knows MindArk developing times... But that's only my opinion. It would be completely different if PP could do some coding, in that case Arkadia would boost, but we know it's not the case.

    I have several doubts about MindArk when it comes to building a game and a game strategy, but they're not dumb on the financial side, it seems :)
  3. TimUnleashed

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    OP was directed at CEO David Dobson, who gave an answer to it as detailed in Lee's earlier post in this thread:

    Thread was moved to developer Feedback area a while ago, which we created specifically for bug feedback to devs. Conversation has gone a little off topic since then.

    OP said in this post that topic is "closed for me".

    Lee DeLioncourt tried to confirm if OP wanted thread closed, but to date has received no response.

    Given the above and the time that has passed, we've decided to close this thread.
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