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RSS Feed Update to Entropia Universe EULA, TOU, and Privacy Policy

Discussion in 'Entropia Universe' started by ArkadiaBot, May 21, 2024.

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    MindArk has updated the Entropia Universe End-User License Agreement (EULA), the Terms of Use (TOU), and the Privacy Policy. The documents are always available on MindArk’s website.

    EULA and TOU

    The new versions of EULA and TOU include updates in order to comply with mandatory legislation, information about MindArk´s use of AI systems implemented in Entropia Universe, and some additional clarifications.

    You must accept the new versions of the EULA and TOU to continue participating in the Entropia Universe. You will have to accept the changes when logging into the Entropia Universe Client. These changes were implemented on May 21 and will be applicable for your continued participation in Entropia Universe.

    Privacy Policy

    To be transparent and open, MindArk has made a general update to the Privacy Policy to ensure it is clear how your personal data is processed in practice and to make the Privacy Policy easy to navigate, for example through the summary.

    The main changes are the information about how your personal data is processed:

    • when MindArk uses AI to answer your questions in Entropia and at the website,
    • when you upload your own picture frame in Entropia Universe,
    • when MindArk shares personal data to planet partners so that they can provide their services to you,
    • when MindArk needs to process your personal data to make Entropia Universe, the apps and the website function technically,
    • when you use the website,
    • when MindArk improves and develops newsletters by analyzing them,
    • when you use the MindArk forum or social media,
    • when you make a purchase from the Entropia Universe webshop.

    In addition, there are also updates to the information about suppliers and the information about how personal data is shared outside the EU/EEA.

    Read through the Privacy Policy and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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