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RSS Feed University of California Riverside and Next Island Partnership

Discussion in 'Entropia Universe' started by ArkadiaBot, Jun 11, 2020.

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    University of California Riverside & Next Island Partnership
    Pre-Survey Announcement for all Entropians

    Greetings Entropians!

    Next Island has partnered with the Social & Spatial Cognition lab at the University of California Riverside and we will be sharing paid opportunities to be involved in scientific research with the Entropia community soon. But first, we want to find out what other online games Entropians regularly play. As a reward, Next Island will issue a unique shirt with the lab logo to each avatar that takes the time to participate in this initial poll.

    If you spend as much time (or more) in another online game as you spend in Entropia Universe, please respond to this quick one-question poll on the Next Island forum.


    If your Next Island forum account name does not exactly match your full avatar name be sure to include your avatar's full name in the comments on the Next Island forum poll. The Next Island team will need this to hand out your shirt after this fall's partner content update.

    Thanks in advance, and more to come soon!

    Best regards
    The Next Island team

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