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Unique Arkadian Space craft.

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by Shinobi, Jun 25, 2011.

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    cool stuff in the videos ;-))) Thx!

    But think twice, since any vehicles can be used in PvP its highly unlikely that any planet would get something clearly superior - it would give this planet a monopoly for the PvP market.

    I'd think all that can be modified from the basic vehicle types we know now is the appearance - so I think of Valkyrie, Sleipnir etc. as members of a vehicle class that will be available for every planet.

    So we might get a vehicle of the "small land vehicle class", in 3 versions. It will have another name, but will have the same stats as the Calypso Valkyries.

    And it will, for the love of Lootius, have a much better, much more SciFi model!

    I really hope the A-team will design more approbate models - well, I am sure! MA clearly earned the prize for the most unimaginative vehicles ever created in a SciFi game ...

    Imagine Valkyrie class HoverBikes, or Sleipnir class UFOs (flying saucers)! There's so much possibilities!

    But please no helicopters, yachts and jeeps anymore, it's so worn out ...

    Have fun!

    PS: I know that a "flying saucer" isn't the summit of creativity - but it would suit the flying specs of a VTOL and, most important:
    I ever wanted one!
  2. Thor Odinson

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    Energy bows
    Portable rail guns
    more eco laser bladed weapons like an ax, swords, knife, polearm.
    Ride-able mounts like a horse, pegasus, dragons, and gryphons
    Armor for the mounts and pets with weapon slots
    Robot pets, that are fed oil instead of nutrio bars.
    Autonomous Repair Units, Robots that repair vehicles, basically an astromech.
    Power Armor that increases strength, Dexterity and Agility due to robotic enhancements and has self contained environment. It has a special slot for a jet pack and can carry heavier versions of standard weapons, including a heavier railgun even mounted vehicle weapons that can b mounted on the power armor.
    I have designs
    I also have designs for a 4 seat ship that can be attached to a larger part of a ship like a cargo pod. a passenger pod, a weapon pod, mining pod and or an engine pod and each pod also has an engineering station for in flight repair.
    The engine pod has warp, space thruster, and subwarp slots along as well as two APU (see above) slots. when equipped into the ship slot the APUs automatically repair the vehicle from their owners welding wire supply as needed. and additional 2 weapon slots, additional pods can be hooked together but they require the ship and engine Pod above to be attached to work. there are 2 doors on the front and back.that join to form a passage between each pod. Each cargo pod adds 100 items and 1000 kg of additional cargo space, and each Passenger pod adds 6 passenger Seats.
    The Weapon pod adds 2 additional weapon slots and 2 more seats,
    the mining pod acts like a detector and an extractor for mining asteroids and adds 1 seat.. but the ship must "land" on the asteroid or area in order to mine. Slots would hold the finder and extractor of your choice and must be equipped by putting the item in the slot. Added bonus, the pod increases the range and depth of the finder and efficiency of the extractor by 100 percent.
    each additional pod outside of the engine pod reduces speed of the vehicle by 10%
    The blueprints would be limited like for valkyries, etc.
    The 4 seat Ship is essentially a space tug. it can attach to any spaceship in space an pull it to any spacestation at half power.
    the maximum pods that could be attached between the tug and the engine pod is 9 which would reduce the normal speed to 10% of the ship and engine pod combo.
    I have designs for fighters as well, again they are along the lines of a quad,
    and a hover bike.
    Vehicle attachments include an energy shield (limited item decays similar a vehicle, but has a structural integrity value as well, but if destroyed can be fixed with and RK vehicle repair unit as long as the the tt value is not 3% pr below, and it can be dropped on any vehicle like an armor plate.
    vehicle Plasma cannons, missile launchers and rail guns
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  3. Thor Odinson

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    Additionally an upgrade terminal that allows you to make any limited item into an unlimited item. or upgrade an item.
    the base chance would be 60% for full tt of item multiplied by the actual tt value divided by full tt value.
    Cost 10 ped
    additionally you can optionally do the sure option and pay at a rate of 5 ped for 1% increase in success.
    Other permanent upgrades Customizable items, Increase and attribute of an item like damage, accuracy, range etc by 10%, increase structural capacity, increase speed and reduce deterioration. still at a base chance of 60% cost 10 PED there would also be a chance to destroy the item per upgrade, effectively reducing it to 0 tt value.
    Additionally you could require additional resources plus the 10 PED in order for it to work.
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  4. Thor Odinson

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    the last thing I will add is invocations, spells that use mind essence(Synthetic Essence and light mind essence have reduced efects like 75% and 50% respectively). Once learned the character can cast that invocation as long as they have mind essence. Invocations can be researched or found as part of a loot drop. there is also a percentage to a invocation drop which is a new invocation page dropped while casting spells.(it has to do with the invocation research skill.)
    Additional Skills: spellcasting, learn invocation, research spell, convert invocation, Create Item, infuse item,
    New Professions: Sorceror, Technomage, Mindsmith, Technomancer, Necromancer
    skills affected by casting spell: any Mindforce skill, Intelligence, melee combat, and the invocation itself each skills affected is attached to the invocation. Like Healing affects first aid and paramedic.. as the invocation increases in level the better it becomes like damage increases etc etc.
    Invocations have to be equipped like items.
    Sample Invocations

    Shadow Armor
    Hauberk of Asgard
    Energy shield
    Energy Missile
    Energy Strike
    Energy Barrage
    Force Bolt
    Kinetic Barrage
    Fire Golem
    Volcano Strike
    Berserk Fury
    Feather Fall
    Slow Field
    Minor Healing
    Greater Healing
    Superior Regeneration
    Radiation shield
    Immunity to poison
    Flying Disk
    Lightning Bolt
    Lightning Barrage
    Electric Field
    Energy Golem
    Meteor strike
    Meteor Shower
    Rock Strike
    Earth Golem
    Rock Golem
    Ice Barrage
    Ice Bow
    Ice Golem
    Ice Field
    Acid Bolt
    Acid Strike
    Acid Rain
    Acid Pool
    Minor Teleport
    Greater Teleport
    Treasure finder
    Detector (like a finder or detector, requires mindessence instead of survey probes)
    Ghost Miner
    Animate skeleton
    Vampire strike
    Vampire touch
    Bone Armor
    Bone Golem
    Harvest Vibrant Sweat
    Distract Monster
    Charm Monster
    Enslave Monster
    Field of Death
    Infuse Item
    Valkyrie Call
    Wall of Stone
    Wall of Fire
    Wall of Ice
    Wall of Force
    Crown of Thorns
    Field of Thorns
    Thorn Barrage

    For Example
    Energy Missile 1st level invocation cooldown 2 seconds
    Skills affected Intelligence, ranged damage, Electrokinises, telepathy.
    Creates one ball of energy for 100 mind essence and does 2 to 5 damage
    for each additional 3 levels of spellcasting, the caster creates 1 additional missile of energy to a maximum of 10, it also increases the cost of mind essence by 100 mind essence per missile. SO a spellcaster that has 30th level in spellcasting can cast energy missile which brings into form 10 missiles at the directed target each doing 2-5 damage so effectively doing 20 to 50 damage per directed strike.

    an Area of Effect Invocation that is a 4th level spell does 10 to 50 damage to every creature but costs 500 mind essence
    Every 4 levels above initial adds 5 -10 additional damage points and 100 mindessence, so an 8th level spellcaster does 15 to 60 damage to each creature in the area affect but the invocation adds 100 mind essence in cost. a 32nd level spellcaster can do 45 to 130 damage but at a cost of 1200 mind essence. cool down 10 seconds.

    Players would be able to setup buttons to automatically switch between invocations.

    This also sets up the possibility of Invocation and Mindforce using Items like rings, swords, melee weapons, Bows, crossbows, armor, wands, necklaces and using Invocation Item Blueprints. you must have items like for rings you need gold for the base, and what ever items and requisite Invocations.
    LIke for a sword you would need like Iron, and another metal with force nexus to be able to infuse the sword with an invocation. A Pistol that fires energy Bolts that uses Mind Essence.

    This also opens up the possibility ships and vehicles that run on mind essence and are filled up like you would with oil.
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  5. mastermesh

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    with the treasure and ancient themes of the planet, a unique Arkadian ship should be something inspired by ancient times... perhaps something similar to the ships and building designs seen in the stargate shows might be interesting...
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