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Suggestion Two small suggestions (feature requests) regarding houses/apartments/shops.

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by Nikto, Feb 20, 2013.

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    Hello :)
    I would like to post two small suggestions (feature requests) regarding apartments/shops.

    1) I notice issue, which have a lot of Arkadians (including myself) - "Stuff on walls is now missing".
    I had exactly same issue in 2007/2008 with my apartment on Calypso. After that I send idea to MA team, that could fix that issue forever - item position should be relative to the item, it's attached to (not absolute inworld position, like it now). Got standard reply and nothing changed.
    For example "Rifle", attached to "Display Panel", which attached to "Shelf", which attached to apartment floor. That way any adjustments to house/apartment/shop position will not break item locations inside it and it will be possible to move item with all attachments, without detaching them first (that will vastly help with reorganizing apartments/shops). Maybe if you will support that idea, MA finally will decide to fix that :)

    2) Would you consider changing the allocation principles of apartments item points to bring more flexibility?
    We have 3 areas now in apartments with roofs - Indoors/Display area/Additional area.
    I would like to offer you to change that to more flexible way.
    Only two limits - 1. Total number of items points for apartment. 2. Limit for maximum number of item points for "restricted areas" (such as roof, to prevent extra lag if current system could be affected by that). So, it would be possible, for example, to use all combined item points indoors or in display area (since both not visible from outside), but no more that limited items points number on the "restricted areas" (of course in both cases total number of items points applied).
    That way it would be possible to dynamically rearrange your items between different areas, depend on your current goals.

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