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TT food is unrefined PED: Dont TT, sell for FREE

Discussion in 'General Economy Discussion' started by happy_hipster, Nov 4, 2017.

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    I sell my TT food. For TT. Maybe you do to. Maybe you dont. The TT is just a free refiner for ped. Some of my blueprints require unrefined materials, so if I refine everything, I am unable to use that material. Same with ped and TT food. Ped on your pedcard may just be a product to make as needed at the TT, not a measure of ones worth.

    Is there a program that you can paste your [account:Item list] into and see your value in actual mark up?
    There will be. There should be.

    Why should the TT machine matter more then real economics. Why do people prefer the quick efficiency of a TT instead of the reputation built by giving away shit, charity. Is it the shame of wasting markup? Just greed and malice towards the competition? Ive seen that and more, and understand.

    Selling unrefined Ped for free on the streets, and for MU on auction, promotes stacking, increases MU, and evolves positive relationships. That's my conclusion. So where's my free shit for you? I mostly use it in trades.

    Now that's funny.

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