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Treasure hunting planet?

Discussion in 'Treasure Hunting' started by slither, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. slither

    slither Active Member

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    What has happened to the idea that Arkadia is a 'treasure hunting planet'?

    The golden door at aakas doesn't get used anymore because of the lack of treasure to be found inside. The standard doors from 1 to 10 are giving less treasure than they used too (not just less items but less variety eg. no dune rider).

    Mining finds have no more Liakon. The maps were a great idea but the terrible returns in the instances means they rarely get used now. And the regular treasure ores that we dig up have little markup.

    We are left with a continuing buildup of the same items (mainly blades) resulting in an over supply and reduction of value for when the treasure hunter gets lucky.

    I'm not asking for uber value finds (although an uber rare find would be interesting) but a much greater variety of items to be found to make treasure hunting more fun and to combat the problem of oversupply of a small group of items.

    While here I may as well re-state my idea of finding broken pieces that you would fit together using the ore transformer eg. you might find a gun barrel in one claim, a stock in another etc. and when you have found all pieces you could put them in the refiner and make a rifle.
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  2. Spawn

    Spawn Active Member

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    Good post. Truth and a nice solution.
  3. Erastothenes

    Erastothenes Member

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    I really like the idea about finding parts and then putting them together!

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