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Top Avatars in Entropia (2012)

Discussion in 'Entropia Universe' started by Kimmi, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Kimmi

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    List of the most skilled players in Entropia Universe.

    High-Elite players, from 700k to 1mill totalskills.
    Dan Dan Petrov 716k

    Elite players, from 600 to 699k totalskills.
    Jenna Star Mercury 621k

    High-Uber players, from 500k to 599k totalskills.
    Kimmi Kimmi EFnet 593k
    Girts Smilgs Niedra 543k
    Flerin neomaven Flerinson 534k
    Lady Nadie Hawke 512k
    Thorb Focus Galleck 503k
    Linden The Chosen Avery 501k
    Angel Shadow Heart 500k
    mg Joda VVV 500k

    Uber players, from 400k to 499k totalskills.
    Ben Cobra The Dark Knight 450k
    Jorge Jor Ribeiro 450k
    Warants Skalman Skalmansson 450k
    Neo The Famous Trader Sharp 441k
    Buzz Erik Lightyear 437k
    Phoenix Conquista De La Nova 432k
    Laban Laban Mann 426k
    jimmy mcmarty hoffa 423k
    Valentin Sir Valentin Vladar 421k
    Naomi NP Polder 420k
    Darth Skippie Boobie 410k
    Augis Auktuma Tumas 403k
    Mirandax Yanda Zez 401k
    Great Optima Dane 401k
    Popeye Sailerman Cash 400k
    Stoikow Stoikow Mudorow 400k
    James Jimmy Stryker 400k

    High-Medium players, from 350k to 399k totalskills.
    Velikii Komby Kombinator 390k
    Migor Mice Oth 390k
    Buck Buck Stone 377k
    foudil ElSalsero Bachatero 376k
    ruthless NZR Tony Demanoe 362k
    Bjorn Bjorn Longstaff 361k
    Dr Udi Udi 361k
    Snake Slither Hellfire 361k
    Petrus PM Molinos 358k
    John Bigdog Burton 353k
    Hank mchammer Hammer 352k
    nono arno sapiens 352k
    Helene Helena Fra 351k
    NEVERDIE 350k
    Patrik Stormer Deluxe 350k
    Gusteen Gurre Stenhammer 350k
    Arthur Starman Dent 350k
    Bridge Silverfox Investor 350k

    Medium players, from 300k to 349k totalskills.
    SgtL Joat Mount-Islet 348k
    Micah Hoos McDowell 347k
    Vintage Yquem Port 345k
    Distr From Kz 344k
    Ark Cybe Nor 343k
    dasouth Genious dasouth 343k
    Ringo DRDoom Pow 341k
    MH Grave Digger 340k
    Zek z3kdark3r Darker 340k
    Titof Greenwood Aries 338k
    Johnathan JC Constantine 337k
    Max Extreme Hunter 336k
    Tzepelea Tzepu Geri 335k
    Caleb CC Caven 335k
    Harry Bond Hole 333k
    lodidodi directeur LFB 333k
    Liberty Tregidio EXR-5 332k
    Dakin Gaz Garos 332k
    Dire Godspeed Straight 332k
    Jack Djonator Wolfskin 331k
    Dave Dodgy Bigboy 330k
    Rick Ter Scale 330k
    Cerb Hulk Beris 330k
    Tom thebuzz Christensen 329k
    Black Hawk Hawk 329k
    hijacker Hijacker27 inferno 328k
    Jocke Julmust Deluxe 325k
    Jorgen LightStar Eriksson 324k
    Simon Archangel Steelling 324k
    Rune Belgarion Haugen 321k
    Benjamin Beni Badboy 321k
    Haylie DuoDuo Xu 320k
    Lexus Axel Laonna 320k
    18db 18db filter 317k
    Atami Tami Atame 317k
    joe jeff xXSqUaLLXx 315k
    Siobhan Siam Ameno 311k
    stoica Alina Alina 310k
    Lucky Akbar Sylphe 308k
    Fatacuida Lorfat Lorfat 307k
    Qing-jao Rei Fei-tzu 306k
    Adrelina Tasior'ek Unknown 305k
    Paavo PP Pesusieni 301k
    PutYa Petal ToDaMetal 301k
    Leaf Arwen Elfwood 301k
    Lucifer dandy Leon 301k
    Hadlen Immortal Deity 301k
    Corban Corby Anderson 301k
    Jay Lee Beene 301k
    Playz Raul Endymion 301k
    Ferox Flavius Titan 301k
    Mrs Emma Peel 301k
    Leo Zed Hart 301k
    Bill Burnsey Reznor 301k
    Scott DoctorH Joel 301k
    Leafren Leafren Zenith 301k
    Wudi Meiren Tianxia 301k
    Jhony Rony Macaroni 301k
    Matvey Mat Sobolev 301k
    Parker Parker Van Helsing 301k
    Raptus Pusur Ripp 301k
    David Maniac Goliath 301k
    Annabella Sweet Calzone 301k
    Spin Rep Pitt 301k
    Ogulak Da Basher 301k
    Galadriel Princess Leyawiin 301k
    Runar Fjolla Tvalfager 301k
    Paavo PP Pesusieni 301k
    Xendar Xen Xal 299k

    Q: Why are some names Bold?
    A: That is to indicate skillcount have been updated current year.

    Q: Is your goal to be #1?
    A: It is not my goal, but it is entropia communities goal :D.

    Q: Why do you keep making the Top100 list?
    A: I do it to show Mindark how much more money they can make on a system that is allready implemente in Entropia, insted of using alot of resources on creating an achivement system that noone is interested in.

    Q: Is your goal to be #1?
    A: No, my life only involves beeing better then Porn Star.

    Q: Did you start the Top100 list?
    A: No, Archangel did, back in 2008.

    Q: Is your goal to be #1?
    A: Only God know.

    Q: If a ranking list is such a money maker, why dont Mindark do it?
    A: Mindark are generaly not a fan of good ideas.

    Q: Is your goal to be #1?
    A: etc...etc....

    Q: Why did you remove Soc info?
    A: Because these players change society so often, and it will just take to much work to keep that up to date.
  2. Kimmi

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    List of other Entropia players.

    -Fredrik Jedi Deluxe
    -Fredrik Proppen Deluxe
    -Henke Floppy Deluxe
    -king kingraa raa
    -Zothen Darker Mooneye
    -Jill Lady Death Strike Valentine
    -Paris Dub Hilton
    -louise baka bourriffee
    -Doctor Benway Benway
    -Aspen Amber Aurora
    -Medea Adel Green
    -JAN SKULL van de Ven
    -Metatron Mick Samael
    -Rick Semdog Scott
    -Roger RW Wilco
    -Jake BD Janson
    -Vintners Cab Sauv
    -Vladimir Voland Minaev
    -Malicious Moonear Mike
    -Rea Xena Penelopa
    -Remo 3l3ctric Luminatu
    -Jimmy FlyingFin Nyman
    -Ron Ronny Kovich
    -Andrew Trooper Smith
    -Ean Draga Draga
    -Fat Fock Frank
    -Gay Lord Focker
    -Ullish zenct free
    -Vap0rz Vaps Lostone
    -Gemini Gem Heart
    -Trisha Lady Trisha Epona
    -Alpha LoneWolf Wolf
    -Duchess Of Duke
    -Erling Emissary of Janus Dalarna
    -Fomorian Bogger Domnall
    -Hugh Hugh Willose
    -Maronelle Analytic Thunder Analina
    -Whiz Whiz Bang
    -Sir SirAttack Attack
    -Lucky Challenge Star
    -Kevin Tekkie Jones
    -Andova Andie the Wise
    -lee mundo chris
    -Hadlen Immortal Deity
    -myne ah byrd
    -Venera Venera Marss
    -Baron Baron Von Steuben
    -Mahdemus Mad Marlin
    -Oktagon Okop Kopernikus
    -Doug Blond Wana
    -Lizzy Faith O'Neal
    -Sephiroth SK Kabbale
    -Syrinx Syri Pureheart
    -dale Aladding lin
    -Morgaine Morg Eveningstar
    -Richman1 Richman1 Killer
    -Theren Tere Strange
    -Zap Zapforker Forker
    -pupuliukas pupa uoga
    -Elizabeth Sissi Habsburg
    -william m0000 munny
    -Agis Agis Mckracken
    -Caius Thiti Ceasar
    -Jimmy Xpl0jd Volten
    -Joni Lord Pyre Hartikainen
    -Molly Maneater Dolly
    -Jade Demoniac Malkov
    -off hojlund trail
    -Connie Pigen Gurly
    -Inthis Strash Life

    Old dogs
    31. Dreicc ... 315k (2009)
    34. Pavilon White Black ... 351k (2011)
    36. Mr Linus ... 350k (2010)
    42. danny lammeD van venroy ... 303k (2009)
    45. Nicole Tony Dantrag ... 325k (2011)
    57. Sirhc Xerogs Drakcah ... 331k (2011)
    63. Lurek Kolo Kwasnica ... 301k (2011)
    65. Belzabu Belza Garcia ... 300k (2011)
    100. Vincent Vince Amarillo ... 301k (2012)

    The past, but not forgotten:

    Top 100 Avatars in Entropia (2011)

    Top 100 Avatars in Entropia (2010)

    Top 100 Avatars in Entropia (2009)
  3. Cyborg Bill

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    OOhh ...Ahhhh OOOHH Ahhhhh E I E I Ohhhhh

    Whats the point here? To show what is no longer accomplishable by normal everyday players so big money investors know who their competition would be should they want to buy into EU now? Or to simply rub peoples noses in the EU food chain?
  4. Elford

    Elford Member

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    How is this thread different than the one on PCF?
    It's a pointless thread there, copying and pasting here will make it a non-pointless here?:huh:
  5. Lezardine

    Lezardine Active Member

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    Nice list of eye-candy total skills ;)

    Now let's make a list of the lowest skilled veteran players... :fineprint:

    Elford, didn't you know? This is the power of AF! :D

  6. rick_janson

    rick_janson Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    Yeah, the whole point of this thread to tell us we can't do it. Or to rub it in our faces that they did it. The point of this list is just to belittle those of us who can't afford to do it and call us noobs no matter our ranking.
  7. Mutant Atrax Stalker

    Mutant Atrax Stalker Active Member

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    Oh. My. :facepalm:

    Really none of you ever did something that you were proud of?

    Never played a game with a leaderboard, or a participated in a sport with rankings and records?

    Oh hell it's 1 AM and I was on my way to bed. Now I'm tempted to spew a bunch of nasty all over the forum about this and another current thread that's strictly a rehash of the same negativity that's been a problem here before. I hope the mods can delete these several posts and allow this thread to persist. It's a normal part of gameplay and many game publishers provide such a leaderboard so there's no need for players to do it.

    Of course I just finished putting together something that's been a goal of mine since my 2nd week in game. I'm at the forum to post about it but, forget that it might hurt someone's feelings or be unfair that they didn't get one free in the starter quest. Next thing you know I'm a monster right?

    Gz to these old timers and big spenders, especially the ones that I still run into in regular gameplay. For now I'm still having fun with the toys, but maybe I'll join you at the bottom of the list around 2017 :)

    The rest of you, good night.
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  8. Lee DeLioncourt

    Lee DeLioncourt Arkadian Outrider Platinum Member

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    I don't personally take this as anything other than what it is and always has been, a skills leaderboard. Others have the right to an opinion however of how they interpret such things, let's just keep it civil please. The only part I never understood was the 'other avatars' list, since it doesn't say if it represents folks in some other specific range of skills or not, and if not what's the point there? Thanks for putting it in the right section here this year Kimmi btw.
    Nice to see the irl female players shifting around, well done Nadie for moving on up View attachment 3763
  9. Larkin

    Larkin Platinum Member Staff Member PAF Senior Mod Platinum Member

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    Thanks for the list Kimmi, it's very interesting to see where people are at skills-wise.
  10. Kimmi

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    Always nice to feel Appreciated.... :)
  11. Cyborg Bill

    Cyborg Bill Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    Maybe try redoin this list for only Arkadian resident top 100....might be a little more acceptable here at least by me anyway..sorry for the first post shoulda stated that it had nothing to do with Ark which is why I questioned its value here
  12. Jenny ferr

    Jenny ferr Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    So why am I not on that list I want to be on another list put me on that list now!

    and because other game companies have their official lists that's not gonna happen here(I seriously hope it wont) as this isn't like any other game out there...
    If I want my skills private they should remain private just as my account info
  13. Kimmi

    Kimmi Member

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    I`ll bite....

    Ive continued on this list, just because I get so much goos feekback from people who love it, people tell me about their goals to climb higher on this list. Many people understand that to be a top fotball team, you need money. Just as many people understand beeing a top player you need money.

    -As long as there are one person still liking this list, I will continue.
    -Beeing on this list is not optional, I add/remove people completely as I wish.
    -I posted this list to try and reach out to more entropia players, who might not read planet calypso forum.
    -I expect no less hate from the haters on this forum, then PCF.
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  14. TimUnleashed

    TimUnleashed Forum Official Pro Users

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    ...haters gonna hate :)

    My 2 pec: I have no problem with a leaderboard, and like having a quick glance through it every now and then. It doesn't make me all jealous and upset. I find it interesting and inspiring, and thank you for keeping it up to date.
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  15. Yquem

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    If you will you can - like anyother on the list could. Just use the same time as they did. +6 years and cycle +2k ped each day. Not that difficult.

  16. Kevlie

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    Nice to see that it is possible to get ober 700k skills and more.. Lets hope ill be whit 500k in 2030 lol. Anyway nice list Kimmi +rep!
  17. Kimmi

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    List updated :)
  18. RexDameon

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    I wouln't have looked at it otherwise cause i dont do anything but search for dev posts on PCF anymore waste of my time otherwise.

    Thanks Kimmi and i agree with Lee nice to see lots of IRL females up there in the ranks.
  19. aj502

    aj502 Active Member Pro Users

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    That list never bothered me.
    Minus the fact that I am not on the "other players" list.

  20. Neil

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    What are the qualifications that get a player into the "Other players" list?