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Took me almost 12 years, but here it is!

Discussion in 'Hall of Fame' started by Ardorj, Apr 14, 2020.

  1. Ardorj

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    Let's start from the very beginning. I was born on ... nah, skip that.
    I started playing Project Entropia in december 2004.
    That's more then 12 years ago!
    Yes, I know. Hear me out.

    In april 2005 I got my first HOF. In fact, I got a HOF before I got a global. It was an Exarosaur Young near Port Atlantis with a pile of PED worth 274 and a Generic Skill Implant (old style ESI (L)). I don't have a picture of it, because a) I didn't had a clue what was happening. b) Tracker wasn't a thing yet. c) I was afraid I've lost skills because of the skill implant. :wtf:

    It took me a few more Globals and HOFs (those seemed to be much more common for me back in the old days) before I would get Tracker. Like this Allophyl from december 2005. They had little (or none?) regeneration, so one could hunt them with a Katsuichi Valor and use a RepEdge 2x0 as finisher, like I did there. Also, (L) items and SIB weren't part of the game yet. A pile of PEDS in the lootwindow was very common. People were so pissed when MA took that away lol. :battleroar:
    Allophyl 001.jpg

    In may 2006 I got my first Über in a teamhunt on Argonaut Young near Twin Peaks. I pulled the shortest straw, but still got a nice stack of PEDs and two little pistols. Animal Oils, Shrapnel, tiering materials and many other things were not yet part of the lootpool. This was my 6th HOF. I wouldn't see another Über (in a team) untill september 2017. :borg:
    Argonaut 004-A.jpg

    I'm not sure when I installed Tracker or when it came online.
    My first global that Tracker got is a Caudatergus Provider from april 2008.
    I had 129 solo and team globals and 7 solo and team HOFs before that time.

    In augustus 2008 I got my #1 loot, according to Tracker. From the very dangerous Snablesnot-Female Young! :roflmao:
    Snablesnot- Female 002.jpg

    It would taunt me there at the top of my largerst globals.
    A Huon worth 479 from augustus 2018 couldn't touch it.
    A Falxangius worth 358 from december 2019 couldn't touch it.
    A Hadraada worth 333 from november 2019 couldn't touch it.
    Not even an Ambulimax worth 559 from januari 2006 was as good as that Snable.

    Until Easter monday 2020!
    Wombana 017a.jpg
    Wombana 017b.jpg Wombana 017c.jpg

    Yeah! I've finally topped the 571 PED Snable with a Wombana Alpha worth 606! :banana:
    Now, all I can do is hope and pray to the false god Lootius that it won't take another 12 years before I see a HOF of more then 700 PED!
    Cheers and happy hoffing to you all!
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  2. Ardorj

    Ardorj Active Member Pro Users

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    And for those who want to know how many skills I got since december '04 and how I got them.
    I'm skilling naturally, have only used a few pills and took the rewards from the missions of course. When doing missions I always consider wich skill rewards will be best for my goals. Remember though, that for the best part of my EU Life we didn't had missions at all.

    Entropia 2020-04-14 21.04.56.jpg Entropia 2020-04-14 21.05.03.jpg
    I'm far from the best after all those years, I know.
    I've also hunted a lot of small mobs that won't give higher loots much *cough* Snables *cough*

    What do you think? Is 606 PEDs low for my level or not?
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  3. Granny Rowan

    Granny Rowan Active Member

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    Gratz and hopefully you will soon report a4 figure HOF :)
  4. Bolleke

    Bolleke Member

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    Congratz cool story.

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