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Titans Live Stream.

Discussion in 'General Media Discussion' started by Titans Inc, Apr 6, 2017.

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    Come Join Titans Inc as we host various Live Streams. We have a 20 member Stream Team logging on randomly during the day and night.

    What we offer:

    1) Our Team takes turns streaming! More stream time, different types of streams!
    2) No members are forced to stream. That means they are having fun when they stream, which in turn is more fun for our viewers!
    3) Some members use sound, videos, and/or music. Our Voice Channel is often streamed as well! So why not hear us BS our way through Entropia and Arkadia!

    So come join Titans Inc! Who knows what you'll see?


    **Disclosure: Our Voice streams are Mature Content and we will most likely offend everyone equally. So if you do not like South Park type humor, it is not suggested you watch during an audio stream**