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This one would need some MA help.

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by Bradley Killer Kell, May 25, 2015.

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    I wanted it for Ark Only, give us something no one else had, but was told this idea would have to be a complete System brought in by MA.

    Society Head Quarters.

    The major problem would be space, but you can fix that by making each Society HQ 'housed' in one Building, then you 'Instance' to your Societies version of it. (The draw back of this is that Non-SOC Members would have to Instance to it *invited* to check out the outside, no random walking by and saying... oh, cool! Look at that building!)

    All sorts of things could be put in there, rooms for different Society Sections, like War Room for PvP Group, Hunting Room, Mining Room, etc. Themes, from what you chose your Society to be, could be applied.

    Would be interesting if certain Achievements gave you things that other SOC HQs wouldn't have, Unique things.

    Most every MMO I've played that has "Guilds" or "Groups"... those Players love the idea of banding together and having a Group Identity, and this would be one way for such Societies to express that.

    There could also be practical reasons and applications for it (Group Storage for Donations to SOC, Group Storage where X Items can be retrieved with Access given by Rank as designed by SOC Leader *Think Ammo Box to help fund New Player Hunts*, among many other ideas).

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