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Suggestion The rooftop of apartment

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by cute781217, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. cute781217

    cute781217 Active Member Pro Users

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    here's some picture of rooftop.
    1.This one is the view when standing on the fence you can see the awesome scenery , imho this rooftop has the best scenery among the others that already sold.
    View attachment 3704
    2.My decorations 50 item points really not enough :( (can we get abit more for free) :p
    View attachment 3705 View attachment 3703
    this carpet(?) is copy from Mel :p
    View attachment 3706
    3.Here is why I want to post this thread that when you sit down on chair the awesome view are blocked by the fence, it is very pity if you ask me. So I hope A-team can do some improvement on this issue like make the fence lower or make it invisible etc... don't waste the awesome scenery
    View attachment 3702 View attachment 3701
    4.here is the 2 new furniture that I hope will be including in May update
    One is the round table like this one but I hope it can be bigger and no rod in the center, so I can place 4 chair around it. So when friends sitting around the table will feel more close you know, because at least the table what I have seen is square, at least for me round table will make me feel better :p
    View attachment 3708
    The other one is the refrigerator like this one, because the refrigerator you see in the picture above is kinda low-class you know. At least for me the refrigerator below(neglect the reflection on the glass :p) looks abit more high-class and suits better for a bar.
    View attachment 3709
    Another one not really new, someone already suggested to Cyrus two days ago, a MP3 player that we can upload music and can broadcast inside the area of our own apartment.

    [HR][/HR]OK above is what I want to say, hope it has some helps to A-team :)
  2. Cyrus

    Cyrus Well-Known Member

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    Hi Yao-Te,

    (2) We will not be looking to increase the item points on the rooftops any further at this point in time, but who knows in the future.

    (3) We will consider to increase the transparency of the rooftops. If we do change it, it will probably be reflected in the next update.

    (4) No promises, but I have passed the ideas for consideration to the designers.

    If anyone has ideas on the different furnitures they would like to see on Arkadia, please feel free to share as well. :)
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  3. TimUnleashed

    TimUnleashed Forum Official Pro Users

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    Actually, I think if the existing glass was removed, and the lower concrete wall was replaced with a much higher transparency glass, it would make a big difference (to our apartment on the top of building 3 at Sanctuary Cove!) :whistle:

    Nice suggestion Yao-Te.
  4. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Banned

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