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The new world

Discussion in 'Greetings' started by Holyfield, May 28, 2016.

  1. Holyfield

    Holyfield New Member

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    I'm an avatar formed by an older generation of games - the text-based MUD's of the 90's. Back then I was playing alot, I was a well-known personality and knew all there was to know about my fantasy worlds. I made friends and relations that stretched all the way into Real Life. Gaming wasn't free - in fact the phone bills from using my 14.4 kbps modem corresponded to a cost of several thousands of PED on a yearly basis. But it was such a large part of my life that I didn't mind.

    Then Real Life demanded my full attention for many years and during that time the games changed. I did get back to play WoW and SWTOR but those games never gave me the same feeling that the old ones did. They were static in the way that true setbacks never happened, the level of the character and the gear increased with time inevitably. I was used to a hard old school where all equipment was lost on logout and death meant loss of a level and many hard-earned skills. For the modern games the quest-chains and the dungeons where several boss creatures had to be defeated, each with an unique strategy, made succesful characters maxed-out and roughly with the same equipment and skills. The "only by doing it this way will you be successful" didn't appeal to me.

    I have found my way to Arkadia. I sense much of what I am looking for here. A mature community. Goals not imposed by the game but by the avatars themselves. A hard world where setbacks happen regularly and success can't be taken for granted. A large world where everything is possible, but all the same giving the opportunity to people to shape the community and how the world works for themselves. Exploring is more fun now than it has been in a very long time. For now I just plan to go with the flow and see where doing the things I like takes me.
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  2. DaughterOfAnarchy

    DaughterOfAnarchy Active Member

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    Hellcome to Entropia Universe, Planet Arkadia and its forums! :)

    May your stay be a long and glorious one! :)
  3. the Prophet

    the Prophet Active Member

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    hi & welcome!

    omg MUDs i guess you're a bit ... experienced already :D

    have fun on arkadia, it's the best planet around and this universe innovation leader in my opinion. cu around maybe! :smuggrin:
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  4. Ahrotahn

    Ahrotahn Member

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    Welcome to EU and Arkadia. It's a good community here, plenty of nice folks willing to work with you and help. Hope you enjoy your time here!
  5. the-unknown

    the-unknown Member

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    Text based MUDs brings back alot of memories ....

    Nice to see someone else who has played with the same sort of stuff I have, from years ago ;)

    Welcome and Good Luck in the game. :)

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