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Thank You Normandie & Arkadia Studios

Discussion in 'Normandie Radio' started by SallyBridges, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. SallyBridges

    SallyBridges Adviser Arkadia Adviser

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    I just wanted to Say HUGE Thank You to the Normandie Radio Crew and Arkadia Studios for another great interview with Lars Last night - I missed it and on rural broadband didnt have time to download players.

    It's one of the Great things about been on Arkadia and just wanted to say Thank You ;) Really enjoyed the interview and its GREAT to have interaction with the officials and Developers of such a great Planet.

    Incase you missed it ;) the links below some really interesting cool things comming up and thats another reason to stay on Arkadia ;)


    Thanks again to All involved ;) VERY Much apprerciated.
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  2. Mel_bosshart

    Mel_bosshart Adviser Pro Users Arkadia Adviser

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    Thanks for the great comments ... the team at Normandie Radio feel that its been a big part of arkadia studio's success in that they take the time to come and talk to the player base ... take ideas on board from players.. and most of all keep players in the picture as much as possible .. and we thank the A-team for taking the time to come and do the shows .. and also i would like to thank the Team at Normandie Radio because there are members of the team that work behind the scene's to make things happen.
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  3. isclay

    isclay Active Member

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    I 2nd what Mel said! Thanks to Lars, Arkadia Studio's, all Listeners (past and future) and the Team at Normandie Radio for making great event's like this take shape and become a reality. :biggrin2:
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