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Discussion in 'Creatures' started by May, Jan 17, 2015.

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    █ Teladon █

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Well adapted to a desert environment, the Teladon seems to have little in the way of protective features, perhaps relying on its sheer bulk and incredibly thick hide to discourage attack.

    A slow, ambling creature, the Teladon appears less hazardous than it is. And it is advised to prepare carefully before coming within close range of one of these large beasts.

    Creature Type:

    Damage Type:
    Stab20 %
    Cut40 %
    Impact40 %
    Statistical data:
    -YoungMatureOldProviderGuardianDominantAlphaOld AlphaProwlerStalker
    Health LevelMassiveMassiveExtremely HighExtremely HighExtremely HighExtremely HighExtremely HighExtremely HighExtremely HighExtremely High
    Damage PotentialLargeGreatGreatGreat GreatHugeHugeHugeHugeHuge
    Intelligence101010101010 1010 1010
    Psyche10 1010 1010 10 1010 1010
    IFN Challenge:
    Stage 175 kills1.36 ped Perception
    Stage 2400 kills7.25 ped Rifle
    Stage 31200 kills14.19 ped Inflict Ranged Dmg.
    Stage 44800 killsTeladon Trophy Head + 100 Intelligence Tokens+ 38.52 ped Inflict Melee Dmg.or Explosive Projectile Weaponry
    Stage 512.000 kills100 Stamina Tokens + 61.82 ped Bravadoor Dodgeor Electrokinesis
    Stage 660.000 killpointsTeladon Figurine + 111.73 ped DexterityRepeatable
    Young lvl 27 1900 hp
    Mature lvl 32 2300 hp
    Old lvl 36 2650 hp
    Provider lvl 42 3050 hp
    Guardian lvl 47 3400 hp
    Dominant lvl 50 3700 hp
    Alpha lvl 55 4000 hp
    Old Alpha lvl 61 4400 hp
    Prowler lvl 66 4900 hp
    Stalker lvl 70 5200 hp
    Mob maturityLocationWaypointDetail
    Teladon Young to MatureNorth of 8C - Teladon Camp(13100, 17600)4 % tax, Hunting Zone 3, thick spawn
    Teladon Mature to Old AlphaSouth East of 8C - Teladon Camp(13800, 16900)4 % tax, Hunting Zone 2, thick spawn
    Teladon Dominant to StalkerSouth West of 8C - Teladon Camp(12900, 17000)4 % tax, Hunting Zone 1, thick spawn

    Minimum Global level:

    - Bullseye V (L)
    - Gravis GLP-36

    - Adaptive Fire Rate Component
    - Animal Adrenal Oil
    - Animal Hide
    - Animal Oil Residue
    - Animal Pancreas Oil
    - Basic Leather Extractor
    - Basic Wood Extractor
    - Blazar Fragment
    - BLP Pack
    - Corria Timber
    - Diluted Mineral Extractor
    - Fine Hide
    - Fine Wool
    - High Definition GUI Component
    - Nova Fragment
    - Paint Can (Burgundy)
    - Paint Can (Burned Umber)
    - Paint Can (Mauve)
    - Paint Can (Orange)
    - Paint Can (Steel Blue)
    - Second-Rate Cloth Extractor
    - Shrapnel
    - Socket III Component
    - Socket IV Component
    - Soft Hide
    - Teladon Foot
    - Teladon Hide
    - Teladon Tail Spike
    - Thin Wool
    - Tier III Component
    - Weapon Cells
    - Wool

    (Only Loot listed that has dropped from VU 15.0 on.)

    Entropedia.info link.
    EP Wiki link.
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  2. May

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    Additional tips & info on Teladon.

    █ In-game check of posted info complete. █

    - Link to the original Teladon thread.

    - Max damage on avatar without armor (excl. crits): Young 80 hp to Stalker 230 hp.

    Video from EntropiaPlanets.

    For all the data: if there is something that should/could be changed, or added, please post or PM. [​IMG]
    (Info send through PMs will be added anonymously by default, unless the sender mentions otherwise.)
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  3. May

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    Update on Teladon finished (for now).
    If they can be found on any other locations: please give a shout.
  4. toxinburn

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    Where are they at now! they seem to be gone and the tp is different as well :(
  5. Bolleke

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    yesterday i read that you won't be able to find them but will be back later

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