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System Variations from Calypso

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Mogon, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Mogon

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    Hello, I was wondering if any of the core systems will be any different from Calypso, and what will really set apart Arkadia from Calypso. I have been following the Treasure Hunting thread closley, and have heard some very good ideas, and was also wondering as to the likleyhood of the more ambitious systems being implimented.

    The reason I say this isnt related to treasure hunting though, I simply find other pre-existing systems like combat and mining to not be very engaging. Hunting is more like point-click-pray. The AI is not more complex to running straight at you. I thought it might be cool of the Oratan (if thats what those critters are) would be a little smarter, ducking behind cover, or if the shooting mechanics would be any different, though I am aware this may be something MA has to do.

    Well, that was about all I had to say, it would really be neat if you can impliment new systems for Treasure Hunting and I pray MA plays along ;)
  2. Cyborg Bill

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    Simple rule for understanding what can or can not be done in the Entropia platform is this....

    The whats and wheres fall under palnet devs duties...The hows and whys fall under MA juridiction.

    The likelyhood of any immediate exclusive game features to any planet are severely limited by what MA is willing to do. The Ideas as we see in the simple threads here for ideas is endless and easily built upon. The reality of making them happen sadly has been very gimp so far.